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by Sarah Böhm, 18.12.20

Do you want to improve your online shop or take advantage of special features in order to tailor your online presence to the needs of your customers? With our apps you have the possibility to adapt your website accordingly. For example, you can run email campaigns, easily create your own logo, automate order processing and much more. You can find all available apps directly in your shop’s administration area under Apps. In this article, we present to you 5 apps in ePages Now that you should not miss as an online retailer. Please note that the availability of the apps depends on your software provider.

CleverReach: Email marketing made easy

The newsletter editor in CleverReach

Have you ever offered a newsletter for your shop? If you said yes, perhaps you have already got to know the potential of email marketing. The email funnel can help you with interested parties, so they could become customers one day. In addition, email marketing is currently a popular tool in ecommerce and is more relevant than ever: Companies boost their send-out volumes and the numbers are even expected to grow. In 2020, this has to people spending more time at home, Validity stated recently.

With the app CleverReach, you can easily create your newsletters and embed a registration form directly into your ePages online shop. This way, new subscribers will be added to your address lists fully automatically. Simply start new campaigns or create a long-term newsletter series. Choose from free, responsive templates and create your own newsletter quickly – simply via drag and drop.

To monitor the success of your newsletters, CleverReach offers detailed reporting including click and opening rates. Benefit from the evaluations in order to keep on track with the demands of your recipients and personalise your newsletter.

Adstrong: Strong traffic thanks to effective advertising

You want to keep up with sponsored products at Google Shopping, Google Ads and Bing Ads? Then Adstrong is a good way to get these SEA tasks done for you. The Adstrong team has more than 10 years of experience in search engine advertising, i.e. the advertising placement of products in search engines. As a certified Google partner, Adstrong offers you a 25% CPC Boost, which Google normally retains as a margin. That means you can profit from increased visibility for the same investment.

How does Adstrong work?

Adstrong is a partner of Google Comparison Shopping Services (CSS). As part of the independent Google company Google Shopping Europe (GSE), CSS regulate competition for fair advertising placement. Adstrong’s advantages come from its cost per click: The 20% margin, that GSE normally retains, is passed on to you with Adstrong. This means that you can automatically use ad placements worth 1€ as such and are not downgraded to 0.80€. This bid is important for ad placements, because the higher your bid, the greater the likelihood of a good placement. If you already have an account for Google Ads, you can still use them with Adstrong. You can place your ads with Adstrong in 21 European countries that have activated the Google CSS programme.

Currently you can test Adstrong for free in your App Store if you link the app to a Google Ads account.

Trusted Shops: The seal of approval for your online shop

Example of a Trusted Shops rating that visitors can view

With Trusted Shops you can take advantage of a trust mark that is renown all over Europe. The service of Trusted Shops not only includes a seal of approval for your online shop, but also buyer protection and direct evaluation options. The seal works with stars, which you can also display in AdWords ads and Google Shopping. This not only promotes trust in your shop, but also increases customer loyalty and conversion rates. Thus, you can entice a higher rate of visitors to make a purchase on your website.

Buyer protection is another factor that makes it easier for customers to make a purchase decision: Regardless of the payment method, the service of Trusted Shops takes the financial risk out of the purchase. In addition, Trusted Shops also offers legal security with its free legal service, with which you can integrate texts such as general terms and conditions, legal notice, privacy policy and right of withdrawal instructions into your shop in a dunning-proof manner.

How do I get Trusted Shops for my ePages online shop?

To connect Trusted Shops to your ePages online shop, activate the app in the App Store and follow the link to register with Trusted Shops. Upon registration, you will receive your Trusted Shops ID, which you then enter in your Trusted Shops app on the ePages administration page. After saving the changes, you will have added Trusted Shops for your shop.

Shippo: Click, print and ship

The Shippo dashboard

With Shippo you can take care of your shipping in an easy and professional way. The direct integration into your ePages online shop synchronises all orders within seconds. Thereafter, you have several ways to manage your shipping:

  • Print international shipping labels with just one click
  • Offer real-time tracking including dispatch notifications to complete the delivery process perfectly
  • Benefit from numerous carriers at discounted rates, which you can activate in your Shippo App

This saves you time and money, and provides you with a scalable option to ensure smooth shipping for your company and the customer. Offer a consistently high level of customer service even at high order volumes.

POWr: FAQs and more

FAQs with POWr

Have you ever thought about the strengths and weaknesses of your website? The apps by POWr enable you to take measures against possible weaknesses of your business and easily improve your online presence. As soon as you sign up for POWr, you unlock free access to all apps in the basic version.

FAQs, for example, are a popular way to bundle your support requests and at the same time gain customer trust to reduce bounce rates. Collect your questions and answers also with pictures, links or videos and personalise the design. With a search bar you make it even easier for visitors to get answers for their questions. In the basic version, 5 entries in the FAQ section are free of charge, but if you wish to have access to more FAQs, a search bar or votes to your answers, you may consider to upgrade the app and use it for a monthly fee.

Find out if your answers in the FAQ section helpful by activating a voting system that visitors can use to share direct feedback. You can also display the FAQs in any language. Try and experiment with several add-ons to improve your customer experience.

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