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How to boost shop sales through clever online marketing tools: Merchant interview with Harry Woodman from Depot2U

How can smaller businesses build a sustainable online marketing strategy with almost no prior knowledge? Depot2U launched as an online business in 2017. We had the chance to interview Harry Woodman from Depot2U to talk about success factors of their online store and online marketing insights on AI-driven tools for merchants who are just starting […]

Low effort, maximum performance: boost your online marketing with AI tools

These days, everyone is talking about tools like ChatGPT, that are based on artificial intelligence (AI). Many of them have already been determining our lives for a long time: What we wear, what news we consume, who we are dating online. The consequences which can be drawn from AI are immense. This also applies to […]

Fine-tune marketing for your shop with FAQs, design templates, tracking and other features

With the New Year have you resolved to really get started with your online business? Do you want to offer your customers an even better shopping experience? Then you can look forward to many enhancements for online shops based on ePages Now that give your shop design and marketing a boost with new functions and […]

Performance Max campaigns, product numbers, accounting apps and more: New features for ePages Now

At the end of the year, many online shops ramp up their marketing to maximise sales. At the end of November, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are among the most popular shopping days of the year, offering enormous potential to increase revenue. With new marketing tools for ePages Now as well as practical enhancements for […]

5 success factors for Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2022

presents as early as late summer? Around the holidays, two days are most popular for shoppers to buy their Christmas presents: Black Friday and Cyber Monday or BFCM. They are known among customers for offering the best deals on these days. As a merchant, these days offer you great sales potential. However, thousands of online […]

How to create your online payment portfolio with Mollie

Besides the products you offer, the payment portfolio is an important success factor in ecommerce. If customers don’t find their preferred payment method, they are more likely to cancel the purchase. In this blog article, learn more about smooth checkout processes and other key factors for generating higher revenue whilst saving time and effort through […]

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3 tips for your start in multichannel

In 2021, according to statistics, about 95 % of internet users also made purchases online. Ecommerce is booming across different platforms for a long time and is no longer considered a trend. If you want to expand your channels to boost your sales, consider these three tips when starting as a multichannel merchant.

How to boost your performance with Shopping ads on Google

With the shop integration of Shopping ads on Google, you gain access the latest technology in online marketing, which is time saving and beneficial for both beginners and ambitious online merchants. We present all important features of the tool and show you how your online marketing can be easily optimised across channel with Google’s new […]

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Your guide to customer happiness through website usability

One of the most important ways to satisfy your customers online is through great website usability. The UX discipline is well-known to bring a high value towards online shops, since users will be likely to spend more when you as a merchant create an easy experience to discover your products. There are many ways to […]

Enhance your shop usability with new features and payments

New usability features make it even easier for your customers to navigate through your shop and get inspired. Read more about all the new features and payments for ePages Now in this article.

Comparing payment solutions for ePages Now

With our new integrations, you can set up your payment within minutes and accept all important payment methods in your online shop. In this article, you will learn more about the Shop Payment powered by Mollie and the PayPal Checkout integration as well as an overview of all important functions and conditions.

PayPal Checkout: The new payment solution from PayPal

PayPal Checkout is now available for ePages Now as an online payment solution. In this article, you will learn more about the new features, payment methods and how to activate PayPal Checkout in your shop.

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