New energy labels for household appliances in the EU

by Sarah Böhm, 30.10.21

New rules for energy labels that have come into force in March 2021 affect products such as household appliances for which an energy efficiency class must be declared. The introduction of the new labels has been taking place gradually since then. Read below to find out which products are affected by the changes and how you should proceed in your online shop.

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New features for your ePages Now shop

by Kerstin Deharde, 25.10.21

Have you already discovered the newest features that were introduced to your ePages Now shop in the past weeks? Not only new design options are waiting for you, but the organisation of customer and order data can now also be further customised. In this blog article, we will show you how you can use these functionalities to meet the needs of your business.

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10 tips to boost your pre-Christmas sales on Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2021

by Sarah Böhm, 01.10.21

In the last few years, increasing amount of customers have realised that Black Friday and Cyber Monday offer the most attractive deals for their favorite brands. Many are patiently waiting for these days to buy Christmas presents for friends and family, while bargain hunters look out for the best deals for themselves. As a merchant, it is important for you to understand the significance of these days in order to take advantage of the pre-holiday period to boost your online sales. Find out below what these days are and how you can best prepare for their arrival.

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App Store news: Boost your online marketing with these apps in ePages Now

by Malte Schimmer, 21.07.21

Have you already discovered the App Store in your shop administration area? There, you can activate many additional functionalities in your ePages Now shop. You can easily install them, register with the app provider if necessary, and get started right away. In this article, we present some of the latest apps for marketing, customer service and more.

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The power of colours in ecommerce: How to use them effectively for your online shop

by Sarah Böhm, 16.07.21

Did you know that the right use of colours can have a positive impact on your sales? The main reason behind this are psychological patterns associated with colours that you can benefit from. Our design experts will give you valuable tips on the right combination of colours and show you how to use them for your company, your products and your online shop.

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The “Greta effect” in retail: How do merchants reach a new generation of conscious shoppers?

by Efe Acunaz, 11.06.21

Think about the last time you received a package from an online shop. In your opinion, did it have an unnecessary amount of plastic wrapping or packaging? If so, did that make you question whether you want to continue shopping with that brand or possibly look for an alternative?

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EU VAT Reform: Changed delivery thresholds and One-Stop Shop

by Sarah Böhm, 04.06.21

Since the 1st of July, 2021, a VAT reform for EU-wide online trade will come into force. In this article, you will find out about all the important changes that will affect you as a merchant and how to correctly tax goods in your ePages online shop.

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Facebook pixel: How to use the free online marketing tool for your ePages Now online shop

by Sarah Böhm, 11.05.21

You can now easily activate the Facebook pixel in your online shop. This marketing tool allows you to extensively monitor the activities that take place in your online shop and create precise social media campaigns by narrowing down target groups. In this article, we show you how to integrate the pixel in ePages Now and work with it. We also talked to the german merchant Andreas Semmer from "Whisky Experience", who tested the integration for us.

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New features of ePages Now: Customer groups, Facebook Pixel and more

by Kerstin Deharde, 03.05.21

Our development teams are constantly working on improving your shop and developing new features. In this article, we will introduce you some of the latest features in ePages Now. Find out below how you can define customer groups and offer customer-specific prices in your shop as well as how you can connect a Facebook Pixel to it to track user activities and create targeted advertising campaigns.

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How to avoid 7 common mistakes in your online shop

by Sarah Böhm, 09.04.21

There can be many reasons why customers leave your online shop after spending only a couple of minutes in it. In this article, we look at common mistakes seen in online shops that can lead to poor conversions and less sales. We show you how to recognise and easily fix these mistakes.

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