Sex and Shopping: 5 insights for online shop owners

by Mélissa Rouet, 11.12.17

Let’s start off by pointing out that the title of this article has 3 words in it: Sex AND Shopping. Although it is tempting to skip it, the “and” is quite an important word for what we are going to talk about today. This article aims at honoring one of our favorite speakers, Graham Jones, who made a mind-blowing presentation at the Commerce Summit in Hamburg. Graham is a psychologist who specializes in Internet use and behavior. Here he explains how shopping and sex are related and how to take advantage of this perspective to succeed online.

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Information for merchants: Changes to the eBay policies

by Kristof Maletzke, 29.11.17

With the ePages shop software, retailers can sell via their own online shop as well as through marketplaces like eBay. Changes to the eBay policies now require merchants to review their eBay listings.

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5 apps to boost the Christmas revenues of your online shop

by Kristof Maletzke, 29.11.17

For many online merchants, the last weeks of the year mean the strongest sales. But wouldn't it be great to boost your Christmas sales even further, without having to put a lot of work into it? In this article, we present you 5 apps from the ePages App Store that can be easily setup and used to give your Christmas business the finishing touch.

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Shore: Easy customer management for your shop

by Kristof Maletzke, 24.11.17

The Shore ePages app makes efficient customer management a snap. Read on to find out how you can automatically link your shop with a customer database and, by doing so, significantly increase your commercial success.

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The Psychology of Pricing

by Mélissa Rouet, 17.11.17

David Loschelder is Professor for Business Psychology & Experimental Methods at the Institute of Management and Organizations at the Leuphana University in Lüneburg, Germany. We had the pleasure to have him as a guest during the Commerce Summit in Hamburg and our merchants loved his presentation on the psychology of pricing. Here is a summary of the best insights on price perception and great tips for improving your pricing strategy. Bonus: Learn how to make an extra 1,24€ for every product in your online store!

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The power of mCommerce: How mobile commerce is changing the world

by Laura Suzanne, 06.11.17

To guide you through the success of your shop, we would like to share with you true expert advice. Stephan Schambach is a serial entrepreneur with a proven track record of creating and growing successful tech companies in the United States and Europe. As mCommerce (mobile commerce) is increasingly popular among SMBs, our merchants welcomed his presentation with great enthusiasm at the Commerce Summit. In this article, you will find a summary of the main insights on mCommerce trends and the best practices to engage your customers on mobile devices.

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Meet our new shop version: ePages Now

by Kristof Maletzke, 01.11.17

Choosing the right ecommerce platform is one of the main decisions for your online sales success. Discover the next generation online shop solution from ePages, made for the specific needs and budgets of small businesses.

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Commerce Summit 2017 reveals the mega-trends and technologies set to make or break SMB retail

by Richard Stevenson, 26.09.17

Over 400 attendees enjoyed a deep dive into SMB ecommerce at the Commerce Summit in Hamburg. Global experts covered topics including cognitive digital business, micro-services, cross border ecommerce, psychology of pricing, fraud management, AI and machine-learning.

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Link tips for online merchants (September 2017)

by Kristof Maletzke, 18.09.17

The Internet is a huge universe filled with interesting and inspiring content. In this series on our blog we are going to share with you plenty of links that for one or another reason have called our attention and could call yours too.

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Meet high-profile ecommerce experts at Commerce Summit 2017

by Kristof Maletzke, 12.09.17

Next week we welcome you to join the Commerce Summit in Hamburg, Germany. Our international event is shaping-up to become Europe’s leading small business ecommerce conference. Tickets are limited, but some are still available.

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