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Your guide to customer happiness through website usability

One of the most important ways to satisfy your customers online is through great website usability. The UX discipline is well-known to bring a high value towards online shops, since users will be likely to spend more when you as a merchant create an easy experience to discover your products. There are many ways to […]

Enhance your shop usability with new features and payments

New usability features make it even easier for your customers to navigate through your shop and get inspired. Read more about all the new features and payments for ePages Now in this article.

Comparing payment solutions for ePages Now

With our new integrations, you can set up your payment within minutes and accept all important payment methods in your online shop. In this article, you will learn more about the Shop Payment powered by Mollie and the PayPal Checkout integration as well as an overview of all important functions and conditions.

PayPal Checkout: The new payment solution from PayPal

PayPal Checkout is now available for ePages Now as an online payment solution. In this article, you will learn more about the new features, payment methods and how to activate PayPal Checkout in your shop.

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Boost your SEO with these ranking factors for 2022 and beyond

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is an important discipline in digital marketing to adapt your online shop for search engines. This is the basis for a good ranking, high impressions of your pages and a growing clientele. However, this is not done with the basic settings, because Google and other search engines regularly adjust their criteria […]

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New design templates, batch printing and more: Features for your ePages Now shop

The ePages Now software is constantly being expanded with new functions that you can access conveniently via your shop administration in the browser. Would you like to optimise your design, integrate shop ratings and simplify your work processes? Discover the newest features and connections to sell successfully in 2022.

The local store "Das Fassl von Passau"

How a local business successfully takes off with its online shop after 25 years

Together with his wife, Siegfried Nicklaus has been selling Mediterranean delicatessen and gift articles in the German store “Fass’l von Passau” (the barrel of Passau) since 1995. The shop in the heart of Passau invites customers to taste test with all senses. Not only vinegars and oils, but also a selection of high-quality liquor is […]

Zettle by PayPal: How to easily connect your online and offline business

Have you already thought about offering your products and services offline? There are many ways to expand your local business to get in personal contact with customers and offer a live shopping experience. Through services such as events or advice sessions, you benefit not only from direct feedback, but also from an opportunity to sell […]

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New energy labels for household appliances in the EU

New rules for energy labels that have come into force in March 2021 affect products such as household appliances for which an energy efficiency class must be declared. The introduction of the new labels has been taking place gradually since then. Read below to find out which products are affected by the changes and how you […]

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New features for your ePages Now shop

Have you already discovered the newest features that were introduced to your ePages Now shop in the past weeks? Not only new design options are waiting for you, but the organisation of customer and order data can now also be further customised. In this blog article, we will show you how you can use these […]

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App Store news: Boost your online marketing with these apps in ePages Now

Have you already discovered the App Store in your shop administration area? There, you can activate many additional functionalities in your ePages Now shop. You can easily install them, register with the app provider if necessary, and get started right away. In this article, we present some of the latest apps for marketing, customer service […]

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The power of colours in ecommerce: How to use them effectively for your online shop

Did you know that the right use of colours can have a positive impact on your sales? The main reason behind this are psychological patterns associated with colours that you can benefit from. Our design experts will give you valuable tips on the right combination of colours and show you how to use them for […]

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