Notes on the new shop version Now

by Sarah Böhm, 13.01.21

From the start of the year, we began offering merchants using the shop version Base the opportunity to update to the shop version Now. The Now version gives you a responsive design, new design templates and apps and many other features. With responsive design, meaning the ideal display of your website on all devices including mobile, you are prepared for Google's Mobile-First Index. From March 2021, Google will only index pages that have sufficient mobile display functionality.

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Brexit: What you need to bear in mind as an online retailer

by Sarah Böhm, 04.01.21

Even though Brexit has been in place since February 2020, a trade agreement did not come into force until January 2021. To what extent ecommerce is affected by Brexit and what you should consider as a merchant are covered in this article. It is specifically intended for  online merchants selling out from or into the UK.

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5 Apps for ePages Now you should know about

by Sarah Böhm, 17.12.20

Do you want to improve your online shop or take advantage of special features in order to tailor your online presence to the needs of your customers? With our apps you have the possibility to adapt your website accordingly. For example, you can run email campaigns, easily create your own logo, automate order processing and much more. You can find all available apps directly in your shop’s administration area under Apps. In this article, we present to you 5 apps in ePages Now that you should not miss as an online retailer. Please note that the availability of the apps depends on your software provider.

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New features and apps for ePages Now: Payments with Mollie and more

by Kerstin Deharde, 25.09.20

Regular updates equip our shop software ePages Now with new functions and apps that offer merchants a wide range of options. For example, the administration of the shop becomes even more convenient, there are additional design options and marketing for the shop is further simplified. In this article, we present the most exciting new functions, including a preview of features for the coming months.

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Christmas and Black Friday 2020: The checklist for your online shop

by Kristof Maletzke, 23.09.20

Every year, online retailers look forward to the Christmas business, as these last months of the year are the most successful ones for many merchants. Our checklist will help you to prepare your shop for the coming weeks in the best possible way to maximise your sales.

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Finding the perfect product for your online shop

by Kristof Maletzke, 25.08.20

While it’s quick and easy to set up your online shop, do you actually know what you want to sell in it? In this article we’ll help you find the perfect product to sell.

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Prepare for winter sales during the quiet summer period

by Kristof Maletzke, 27.07.20

For online retailers, summer tends to be a quiet period - customers are usually thinking about everything else other than spending their time on the Internet. However, September is approaching fast and with it, many seasonal promotions will pop up throughout the last quarter of the year: back-to-school, Halloween and Christmas, for example. So instead of trying hard to maintain your sales and invest all your efforts in summer promotions, benefit from the slow August to look ahead, review your shop and plan for the upcoming seasons. Here are a couple of things you can do to get yourself prepared for the last and most intense shopping quarter of the year:

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New app for ePages Now: Identity verification via smartphone and webcam with

by Jan Stubenrauch, 28.05.20

With the app, merchants selling online with ePages Now can easily confirm the identity of customers - for example, for age verification purposes, or when additional proof of identity may be required.

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How your online shop becomes a brand

by Kristof Maletzke, 07.05.20

Apple, Nike, Sony - these are examples of brands that are firmly anchored in the minds of virtually all consumers worldwide. Also, small online shops can work on their branding to remain in the memory of their customers and to convey their own identity.

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Wish list, minimum order value & more: the latest features for ePages Now

by Kerstin Deharde, 02.05.20

Over the past few months, several new features have been added to our shop software ePages Now. In this article, we will introduce you to the most helpful of these.

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