New features and apps for ePages Now: Payments with Mollie and more

by Kerstin Deharde, 25.09.20

Regular updates equip our shop software ePages Now with new functions and apps that offer merchants a wide range of options. For example, the administration of the shop becomes even more convenient, there are additional design options and marketing for the shop is further simplified. In this article, we present the most exciting new functions, including a preview of features for the coming months.

With Mollie, merchants can easily grow their business

Mollie: easy payments via Apple Pay & Co.

Payment methods of diverse providers are already preconfigured in the ePages software. This means that your customers not only have traditional payment methods such as invoice available to them, but you can also offer them the possibility to pay via PayPal, for example. The latest version of Mollie, the leading payment provider in the Netherlands, has recently been integrated into the ePages software. For some time now, Mollie has also been very active in other European markets and offers customers all major global and local payment methods. This also includes Apple Pay, that is already used by more than 440 million people worldwide and has not yet been available for ePages Now shops.

Mollie’s contract terms are also very attractive for merchants. Only transaction costs incur; there are no set-up fees or monthly costs. An especially practical aspect is that refunds can be managed directly in the ePages administration area.

Poptin offers a wide range of settings

Create pop-ups with Poptin

Pop-ups are a great way for drawing the attention of shop customers to special offers, coupons, your social media channels or newsletters. The new Poptin app makes it possible to create attractive pop-ups with just a few clicks.

Poptin pop-ups are not only suitable for increasing sales. You can also use them to conduct surveys among the visitors of your shop or ask them for feedback. This will provide you with valuable information on how you can further improve your shop.

The app offers many attractive formats for this purpose. For example, you can display a pop-up over the full screen or as a bar at the bottom of the page. Thanks to pre-configured, customisable templates, you do not have to worry about the design of the pop-ups.

Poptin offers various settings for in terms of the time and frequency at which the pop-ups are displayed. For example, you can specify that they should appear after 20 seconds, or that they should only be visible to returning visitors.

So-called exit intent pop-ups are particularly effective. The app determines when a visitor is about to leave the page and displays a pop-up at that exact moment. This allows you to present additional offers or coupons to visitors who are on their way to exit the shop.

The manual creation of an order in the administration area

Add orders manually

Sometimes it can happen that customers of an online shop do not want to place their order directly in the shop, but rather, for example, by phone. In such cases, merchants have been able to take advantage of this feature to create orders manually for existing customers in the administration area.

Settings for the logo in the editor

Advanced logo settings

Every online shop should have a unique logo that has a high recognition value. In ePages shops, the logo is in the upper left corner by default and is linked to the start page. Now, there are extended options in editing and displaying the logo. It can be cropped directly in the editor and the area of the image to be displayed can be changed. Soon, merchants will also be able to change the alignment and size of their logo.

Effective online marketing with the Facebook pixel

A new feature that will be introduced to ePages Now in the coming months is the integration of the Facebook pixel. With this analysis tool, merchants can make their Facebook marketing even more effective. For example, they can use it to optimise their campaigns, develop new target groups through improved targeting and better record user reactions. Merchants will be guided through the steps to activate the Pixel in the administration area of their shop. All further settings can then be adjusted directly on Facebook.

Price lists for customer groups

This feature, which will be introduced to ePages Now in the coming months, is particularly interesting for B2B merchants. For example, shop owners can use it to grant regular customers lower prices than other visitors of their shop. To do this, they first define a customer group – for example “regular customers” – and assign users to this group. Then, they can specify different prices for each product, which are only valid for that particular customer group.

More options for content elements

In the coming months, merchants will also have the opportunity to define their own background colour for content elements such as texts. This will create new design possibilities, which will allow merchants to further individualise their shop. There will also be more combinations of elements that can be used to display content such as texts, images, or videos.

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