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by Anja Römisch, 19.05.09

What’s been going on functionally in our shop since the introduction of ePages 6. After equipping ePages 6 with new components like blogs, forums, RSS feeds, appointment and booking functions for business websites, drag & drop functionality and gadget integration, we’ve added even more or are planning to in 2009.


It’s already been several months since the launch of ePages 6. Below, the highlights that have been added since then:

  • Payment method Expercash (formerly easyDebit) becomes standard
  • "Free shipping" with eBay integration made available
  • Forum and blog entries available as RSS feeds
  • Integration of video tutorials in the administration area
  • Automatic creation of a Google sitemaps file
  • Automatic detection of the local VAT rate and the VAT-ID after a customer entered his VAT-ID on the customer registration page
  • Product review request per e-mail
  • Linking of the ePages blog (with help topics) from the administration area
  • Display of product numbers in the shop (optional)
  • Selective CSV export of objects such as customers or products
  • Meta tags can be manually written in the "head" section of pages
  • Update etracker to Version 3.0

Also planned for this year:

  • Enhancements for SEO (e.g. Google AdWords)
  • Enhancements for eBay integration
  • Zanox integration
  • WebServices enhancements

For operators of shops based on ePages 6 Merchant, the new features are fully available starting with version 6.04. You can find out from your provider whether and which of the new components are also available in rental shops.

By the end of  Q3 ‘09 all ePages hosting partners are expected to be working with ePages 6. The following hosting providers are already operating e-commerce products based on ePages 6: Amen, Beepworld, NTT Europe, Group NBT, XXLWebhosting, Pins, Gagar, Hamburger Abendblatt, BT, OBS, DaySie, EasySpace and Ballou. More about ePages 6.

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  1. 08.09.2009
    Dutch shopholder

    What Dutch shopholders really need is the payment method IDEAL integrated in e-pages.

    What is the planning of e-Pages?

    • 08.09.2009

      I just had a quick input from the product developement team. They told me, that IDEAL is already available through moneybookers and saferpay. Nevertheless, there are going to come two more suppliers of IDEAL by the start of next year.

  2. 26.10.2009

    I have made a suucsefull business and some credikt goes to epages.

  3. 03.01.2010

    Thanks for adding the head section so I could verify my site, with Google!

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