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A guide from PayPal gives useful advice on how you can convince your shop's visitors to trust you.

ePages merchants who are still using the payment method PayPal Standard should switch to PayPal Express now.
PayPal is not only one of the most popular payment methods in ecommerce. The company also publishes useful advice for online merchants on a regular basis. In this article we show you three examples.
The ePages academy in association with 1&1 will cover all you need to know for your online shops success. Jon Varco, Director of Partnership Management at PayPal UK, will be one of our ePages academy experts and will present the newest developments in payments as well as show you what you need to consider for adapting your shop to the current e-commerce trends.
Internationalisation is a key trend in e-commerce to help boost online businesses. According to Royal Mail, 68% of small and medium sized retailers in the UK are looking to target new overseas markets. However, to be successful moving into other markets requires a lot of work.
If you use PayPal as a payment method in your shop, you may have been experiencing some problems lately. To find out how you can solve them, read our article below.

What's been going on functionally in our shop since the introduction of ePages 6. After equipping ePages 6 with new components like blogs, forums, RSS feeds, appointment and booking functions for business websites, drag & drop functionality and gadget integration, we've added even more or are planning to in 2009.