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by Mario Rieß, 23.06.08

Mehr Newsletter-Abonnenten

Bring it to your customers’ attention that they can subscribe to your newsletter. After all, regularly addressing them via e-mail is undoubtedly one of your most effective marketing tools.

If you use your shop or website to distribute newsletters, then the sign-in for it is probably shown in a navigation bar of your site.

There are, however, other ways of drawing customers’ attention to your newsletter. Use them to attract additional subscribers!

1. Reference in E-Mails

Mention newsletters in the e-mails which your shop or website sends to customers. To include such a reference in all outgoing e-mails, insert an appropriate text into your signature. To edit your signature, please select Settings -> E-mail settings -> General. For example, the text could read: “Would you like to regularly receive news and attractive offers from our shop? Please click here to subscribe to our newsletter.” The words “here” and “newsletter” should function as links to the shop to facilitate subscribing. To create such a link, access the page in your site with the newsletter subscriptions; then copy the URL which terminates in “ViewAction=ViewNewsletter”.

To learn more about using links in a text, please read about the WYSIWYG Editor in Online Help.
If you do not wish to include a reference to newsletters in all e-mails you send, you can select individual e-mail events and insert the text there.

2. Text on the Confirmation Page in The Shop

After a customer finishes placing his order, he will see the confirmation page. This can display a message which you have formulated yourself. To edit this text, access your administration and select Settings -> Basket settings -> Texts. Insert the reference to your newsletter here, as described in Section 1. Select the last text field: Text for confirmation page. Make sure that you do not insert the reference into the other two text fields. After all, your customers would be prompted to subscribe to the newsletter during the order process – which could distract them from actually ordering, in turn defeating the purpose of your shop!

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