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In this article you'll learn how the design of your shop has a role to play in the sales success. The success of your shop depends on many factors. In addition to attractive products, effective marketing and good customer service, the design of your shop is equally crucial. The following establishes relevant aspects to achieve this. 
The visual appearance of your eShop has a fundamental role to play in terms of your success. We'll let you into a few secrets of shop design.
A more attractive design enables you to sell more. The new version of our software contains an abundance of new options which make your online shop even more attractive. In this article we will introduce the most important options.
Your ePages online shop will soon have many new features ready for you to use. Here is an overview of the most important improvements in our ePages Version 6.16.
Your shop’s design plays a vital role for your success. In a new series, we reveal what makes a good visual appearance. The first part is about the basic layout of your website: Where is the right place for the most important elements? We also present our design services for merchants who prefer to rely on professional web designers.
In the car, on the couch or when browsing shop windows in the city centre: We use tablets and smartphones anytime, anywhere - even to go shopping. Why are online merchants well advised to adapt to the growing mobile business. With the resellers of our ePages e-commerce software, merchants make a big leap forward - thanks to the latest update to version 6.15.
Do you want to put your products in the spotlight? Then avoid common mistakes. Remove The Background gives you five tips that will help you to create high quality photos. It's worth it: Great pictures convince the customers of your online shop.
Your best allies for the optimum performance of your online shop can be the operating system, the browser and the screen resolution. Did you know that more than 75% of online customers in the world use Google Chrome or Firefox*? In this blog post we will give you some tips on the best ways to access and use your ePages back office and your online shop.
Having an ePages online shop gives you the possibility to receive support from our service staff. We can not only help you by telephone, but we can also access the back office of your online shop, to help finding a solution quickly. Here we will explain how this works.
Do you need to put a lot of information on your product detail pages?  Does this make them confusing and just too long? You can now organise everything by displaying the product information in tabs, making it clearer and easier to decipher.