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With just a few clicks, you will be able to store your preferences in the product detail page of the back office. Here we will show you how this works.
Version 6.13.2 of our software comes with 10 new design templates to choose from. In this article, we present the new templates and answer your most important questions on this topic
How do I handle links?

Links have been an integral part of HTML since the creation of the Internet by Tim Berners-Lee. In the eShop, we want to use both internal links, i.e. links to other pages within the shop, and external links, i.e. links to other websites on the Internet. In your eShop, links to internal pages are generated, in part, automatically. This always occurs, for example, if you assign a product to a category or use cross-selling or specific page elements such as the "Promotional products" box. You can also create manual links but you need to pay attention to several specific features. It is very important that you differentiate between internal and external links here.
With version 6.14, the product detail page of the ePages storefront is sporting a new look. This ‘preview’ article will help you learn more about how the new design can help you increase sales in your eShop.

New Templates are just finished, but do you think something else is missing? May be a brand new Administration redisign? There you go! 

Facebook provides a facility to add a badge for your company's Facebook page or profile - that you can then place on your webpage or online shop to generate more traffic and fans. At the moment, ePages does not have a function to create these badges automatically, but you can insert them manually with just a few simple steps. This article explains how.

Online sales grow year after year, which makes it appealing for more and more companies to do business online. Yet as the number of online shops increases, so too increases the uncertainty among online shoppers as to which shops are safe and secure. Earning the trust of customers is therefore becoming a decisive key to success for online merchants who want to partake in the e-commerce boom. Continue reading to learn how shop operators can boost customers' long-term trust in their shops and consequently increase revenue. 

It’s time to say goodbye to HTML tables. With version 6.11. ePages is switching to DIVs as the basic element for the layout structure. By doing so we are not only improving the performance of the whole system and the structure of ePages but also setting the cornerstone for the improved storefront for mobile devices. If you have created the layout of your shop by using the standard editors of your backoffice the technological change will have no visible effect on the layout of your storefront. But if you have used self written CSS code to adjust the layout of your shop it might be possible that these layout changes will no longer be in place after the update. The ePages blog explains the reasons for that and show you the necessary adjustments that are needed to get back your layout. 

Neuromarketing studies have shown that emotional activity in a customer's brain decreases after just eight seconds. You must strive during this brief time span to get people enthusiastic about your online shop and your offerings. The single most important factor? A well-designed shop! But what should you keep in mind while sprucing up your shop? Continue reading the ePages blog to learn about four field-proven principles.


When Christmas decorations start appearing in towns and cities in November, most people start looking for presents to give to their loved ones. Online merchants should be prepared now for the best sales season all year. Continue reading the second part of the ePages blog's "Getting in Shape for Pre-Christmas Shopping" series to learn what you can do in order to best reach potential Christmas shoppers.