30 days to the top – an interview about SEO and ePages

by Volker Schwarz, 22.07.10

Today the ePages blog had the opportunity to talk with Dejan Krunic, one of the official ePages project partners of Norway, about his experiences with the ePages shopping cart system and its impact on SEO measures.


Hi, Dejan, before we start: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your business?

Dejan Krunic: Hi, I am working as C.D.O. & C.I.O. in a company called Midway Europe AS in Norway. Midway owns several other companies and one of those is Econgroup AS which is an official partner of ePages.

We have been involved with internet sales since 1999 and all of our focus in on the internet and technology around it, when it comes to sales, SEO, marketing, etc.


You are an official ePages project partner. Can you give us a few examples of projects you built using ePages ?

Dejan Krunic: Beside the main project right now with Midway and its European branches, we have started ePages projects with several smaller companies in our surroundings. In these projects we have gained support from the local authorities after the presentation of ePages and its possibilities.

Most of those are starting as web portals, since our customers would like to learn more about the system and how to utilize it. We have knowledge that more than 30% of those are planning to have a web sales at some point of time. Currently we are talking about 20 – 25 companies, but the word is spreading quickly and we are having some more inquiries.


You told me, that you also built your own company website using ePages. Why did you choose to do this?

Dejan Krunic: Yes, we have used Econ's web site as a first reference and it is located at www.econgroup.no.

We have chosen ePages after more than 3 years of research where we were looking for a web system which can serve our needs for ecommerce, data exchange, flexibility, possibilities to add functionality, just to mention a few.

Just to give you an example, today Midway has over 12 500 categories, 130 000 products and 14 offices in Europe, with different languages, currencies, price lists, etc. Our ePages system, which is currently under development, will exchange the data through web services with our stock/warehouse system in the US,where all the products will be shipped from.

This is where we find ePages to excel, along with the SEO.

With all respect to other companies and their web systems, after 3 years of research we couldn't find anything else that could match ePages or even come closer to it, when it came to our (very complicated) needs.


So, please tell us about your experiences with ePages and the effect on search engine optimization. What do you think, which features work and where is room left for improvement?

Dejan Krunic: As I mentioned before SEO is excellent within the ePages. Just a small example:

Before ePages I have used several web systems to achieve my goals and it took me several months and even years to get to my goal. I think it is worth mentioning that I have been beta testing many of Google's products e.g. Analytics from day one.

So, with the ePages version 6, patch 8 it took me 30 days, yes, thirty days, to get the ranking nr. 1 at www.google.no

If you search for ePages dealer in norwegian (ePages forhandler) we are ranked number one with the connected result as nr. 2, and it is out of 36900 results. As for other results we have nr. 2 and 3 within the SAP B1 dealer search just behind SAP itself. This is quite an impressive result in such a short period of time. Just to make things clear, ePages is the one to blame for this! 🙂

There's always room for improvements, but since you are following trends very well and listen to your partners and customers I think that there is not that much to add, since upgrades are coming at an incredible pace, bringing something new each time.


Thanks for sharing your experiences.

Dejan Krunic: Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share my findings regarding the ePages software.

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studied German, History and Politics at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum. From 2004 to 2009 he worked as a freelancer for several marketing and communications companies in Hamburg, including e-commerce companies. Between August 2009 and December 2011, he worked as an online editor at ePages .

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