5 x Shop: Inspiration for your online shop VI

by Volker Schwarz, 15.09.09

After our summer break, it is now time for the next instalment of “5 x Shop”. We hope that this sixth edition of our overview of the colourful world of ePages online shops will inspire successful business concepts of your very own. The highlights this time: a lavishly designed website for expressing brand messages, a taste of what to expect from the cover-flow effect to be provided soon by ePages, the successful utilisation of YouTube videos to promote sales, and two 1-product shops. But they all have something in common: a good idea is crucial.


Bicycles are more than practical contrivances for quickly getting from A to B. Indeed, the units sold by PB-Bikes express a summery attitude toward life and embody the joy of leisurely cruising around town.

This stylish bicycle manufacturer in Regensburg, Germany expresses these concepts in its online store via a meticulously arranged universe of large-format photos. The company’s blog exudes passion for the product and the employee profiles portray the personable team behind the product.

Best of all, customers can use an interactive bicycle configurator to tailor their one-of-a-kind dream on wheels.


Independent filmmakers concern themselves not only with art, but also prefer to market their works themselves.

This is true of Journeyman Pictures, which not only sell their documentaries and feature films via their website, seejourneyman.com , but also handsomely exemplify how videos can be employed in online shops to promote sales. Thanks to built-in support from YouTube, there are no hurdles to speak of for ePages customers — and the results impress.


Fire design, a French provider of custom-designed fire extinguishers, demonstrates on its home page just what ePages customers can expect from Patch 7. A cover-flow look reminiscent of Apple displays the company’s range of off-beat products and encourages visitors to browse.

A built-in configurator allows Fire design customers to test out colours and designs so that they can preview what the final product will look like.

A link to Facebook, which customers can click to recommend this shop, helps this online store broadcast its business idea within the online world’s largest social network.


Thanks to ePages’s inexpensive rental shops, not much is required to succeed in online business. A good idea at the right time suffices. Two examples: Lili Lite and the Michael Jackson Memorial Wristband.

Both of these online stores specialise in a single product. Lililite is a combination of a sideboard and a reading lamp. And Michael Jackson memorial wristbands allow the King of Pop’s fans to express their grief and condolence.

Small shops such as these two offer clear advantages. Instead of laboriously searching for financing and agency partners to help realise their good ideas, the entrepreneurs of these shops preferred to set up their online businesses themselves — quickly and easily.

Would you like to share an example of a well-designed ePages online store or a great idea realised via ePages? If so, please write and submit a comment (below this article). Perhaps we can include your submission in the seventh edition of 5 x Shop.

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studied German, History and Politics at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum. From 2004 to 2009 he worked as a freelancer for several marketing and communications companies in Hamburg, including e-commerce companies. Between August 2009 and December 2011, he worked as an online editor at ePages .

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