5 x Shop: Inspiration for Your Online Shop

by , 13.11.08

Sometimes the inspiration that makes an idea a reality is hard to find. If you are currently playing with the idea of giving your shop a slight makeover or are wrestling with its design, then let the online shops below be a source of inspiration and a feast for your eyes. From now on, we’d like to reawaken your creativity and inspire with 5 regularly occurring, beautiful examples of online shops all based on ePages.



The Arthur Capelle GmbH markets journeyman’s clothing and accessories in their online shop in both German and French. Sale items and special offers like summer clearance sale items motivate customers to stop by the shop and have a look time and again. The hotline number is always positioned in the right-hand column to indicate quality of service and customer proximity. This allows customer questions about the products to be answered directly. In addition, shop visitors can subscribe to the acapelle newsletter to be regularly provided with current information. Detailed product descriptions and highly-zoomable images give the buyer an exact picture of the product on offer.



In the Spanish caMiisetas shop, customers can have their own personal Nintendo Wii avatars printed onto coffee cups, key chains, t-shirts and other products. The articles in the shop are connected to Ciao, the online shopping community and evaluation portal, which makes them available to a wide audience. The shopping basket status is always visible in the right-hand column. For payment methods, the shop operators selected Paypal, credit card and COD.


Exclusive design and attractive presentation distinguishes this French shop which specialises in the sales of hair care products. The clearly arranged menu on the left side lets customers conveniently click through the entire range of products. Additional information and conditions are easy to get back to and are placed in the upper navigation. And although they are placed in a prominent position, they are not distracting to the product categories on the left-hand side of the page.





DOT is a beautiful, homespun shop for Portuguese and English speaking Internet buyers searching for baby or maternity clothing. The user can learn about the shop’s mission and claim directly on the start page. This ensures trust and a good feeling when making purchases. The colours have been carefully selected and impart an impression of high-quality products. The product images can be zoomed in on and paged through. The use of cross selling is also effective: For every product, additionally matching products are recommended.



Stylediver specialises in three things: accessories, accessories and more accessories! This shop really has the hang of it. Visitors can see at a glance how to get to specific products, see what’s new, how to pay and what delivery methods are available, which products are new, how to subscribe to the newsletter, where to find information on product exchange and other topics. The Polaroid look of the initial product images and the lively language gives the shop a humorous note without detracting from its simple elegance. Some of the products have up to 12 high-resolution views which allows the visitor to nearly "feel" the materials.



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