Video Tutorial 5 | Products

by Hermann Bach, 18.12.12

In this video tutorial we will show you how the product layout area works.

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ePages Tip | How to Set Product Detail Page Preferences in the Back Office

by Emma Searle , 14.12.12

With just a few clicks, you will be able to save your preferences in the product detail page of the back office. Here we will show you how this works.

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Video Tutorial 4 | Ecommerce Design

by Hermann Bach, 13.12.12

The easiest way to gain consumer confidence in your online store is to have an attractive website design. This tutorial will show you how to change the e of your website with the new ePages version, 6.14.

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How to Use Social Media | Bringing Customers to Your Online Store

by Emma Searle , 10.12.12

Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest & Co.: social media is increasingly influencing the buying habits of your customers. They love to chat about their favorite products and current purchases, which is why this blog post will give you tips on how to use social media to attract new customers and increase their loyalty to you.

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Video Tutorial 3 – Home Page

by Hermann Bach, 10.12.12

The third video in our series will show you how the back office home page works in the new online shop software, ePages 6.14.

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Video Tutorial 2 – Back Office

by Hermann Bach, 05.12.12

This video tutorial will show you how the back office in our new online shop software, ePages 6.14, works.

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Video Tutorial 1 – The Setup Assistant

by Hermann Bach, 03.12.12

Over the coming weeks we will be uploading our brand new video tutorials, which will help you use our new online shop software, ePages 6.14.  In the first of our videos, we explain the setup assistant.

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Fit for Christmas: How to win customers

by Hermann Bach, 31.10.12

The countdown to Christmas Eve begins. In Part 2 of our mini-series, explaining how to gain more customers with little effort, we will show you how to make your online shop fit for the holiday period.

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Prepare your online shop for Christmas

by Hermann Bach, 31.10.12

With only two months left until Christmas, the remaining time carries huge opportunities. If you haven’t yet prepared your online shop for customers chasing presents, you should do it now. In a mini-series we will be providing last-minute tips for a successful pre-Christmas season. Here is part 1.

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Ideas for selling on Facebook

by Hermann Bach, 09.10.12

One billion users worldwide, approximately 240 million of them in North-America: Facebook is a huge marketplace for any online retailer. But for most shop operators, selling products on Facebook is new territory. There are different methods for selling via social media but not everyone suits every shop. Here we present two interesting options.

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