New features for your online shop: ePages 6.16 available soon

by Kristof Maletzke, 03.12.13

Your ePages online shop will soon have many new features ready for you to use. Here is an overview of the most important improvements in our ePages Version 6.16.

What’s Next in Commerce? ePages presents the hottest trends

by Andrea del Campo, 29.11.13

If there is one thing that we know for sure about the future of retail, it is that its evolution will accelerate. Shopping is increasingly becoming an experience that can begin at anytime and anywhere. Today we introduce you to Next in Commerce and in the following weeks we will keep presenting you some of the most rocking trends.

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Use of ClickandBuy expires in ePages online shops at the end of 2013

by Andrea del Campo, 06.11.13

After the 31st of December 2013, the ClickandBuy payment method will no longer be available in the ePages software. Below we will explain who is affected by this change and what will need to be done.

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Sell more through professional online shop design (Part 1)

by Andrea del Campo, 02.10.13

Your shop’s design plays a vital role for your success. In a new series, we reveal what makes a good visual appearance. The first part is about the basic layout of your website: Where is the right place for the most important elements? We also present our design services for merchants who prefer to rely on professional web designers.

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ePages as an employer: “We are looking for talent willing to grow with us”

by Andrea del Campo, 20.09.13

As a leading international provider of online shop software, ePages is offering attractive positions across our various offices. We are currently looking for new talent due to the significant growth in e-commerce. In an interview with the German website, our CEO Wilfried Beeck talked about the benefits of ePages as an employer and the company’s international flair. Here we present Wilfried Beeck’s answers in an English version.

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Review your online shop before autumn and Christmas arrive

by Andrea del Campo, 10.09.13

Sure, it’s only the beginning of September but you cannot start early enough thinking about your autumn and Christmas campaigns in your online shop. We recommend reviewing your ePages shop well in advance. In this article, we present some tips to check your texts, images and settings, but also, to improve your e-commerce strategy. Act now and achieve more sales in the last campaigns of  2013.

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Analyse the traffic in your online shop: Tips to increase your sales

by Andrea del Campo, 14.08.13

Are you familiar with web controlling? Do you already use Google Analytics or etracker in your online shop? Analysing the behaviour of the users on your site can give you many clues to increase your sales. In this article we will explain how to improve your page with this data.

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Google shuts down “Checkout”: What to do now

by Hermann Bach, 22.07.13

On the 20th November 2013 Google will close their payment method “Checkout”. If you are offering this service in your ePages online shop, you must adapt to this change. Here we explain what to do.

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Inside ePages: What is an EPG number?

by Kristof Maletzke, 10.07.13

Do you already know ePages’ corporate website If so, you may have come across the so-called EPG numbers. In this blog post, we explain what these numbers mean and why they can be useful for you.

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ePages makes merchants ready for mobile commerce

by Hermann Bach, 19.06.13

In the car, on the couch or when browsing shop windows in the city centre: We use tablets and smartphones anytime, anywhere - even to go shopping. Why are online merchants well advised to adapt to the growing mobile business. With the resellers of our ePages e-commerce software, merchants make a big leap forward - thanks to the latest update to version 6.15.

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