Cleverpush: Push notifications for online shops

by Kristof Maletzke, 15.11.19

For many online merchants, the main focus is on attracting new customers to their shop. Just as important, however, is getting visitors to come back. This is where the Cleverpush app comes in, making it easy to send push notifications.

What are push notifications?

Push notifications are short messages that are displayed to users either on their smartphone or in their browser. If you own a smartphone, you already know such messages. For example, they appear when you receive a new WhatsApp message.

Online merchants can also benefit from this feature. The Cleverpush app can be used to send targeted messages to shop visitors. For your customers this works as follows: When visiting your shop, the user is asked whether he wants to receive news from you in the future or not. If he agrees – this process is called “opt in” – you can now send him push notifications. For desktop users, these messages are then displayed directly in the browser – regardless of the website the user may be visiting. If the customer has visited the shop with his smartphone, the notifications are displayed directly on the home screen of the phone.

What are the advantages of push notifications?

This type of marketing has many advantages for you: Because your customers have to actively agree that they want to receive messages, acceptance is much higher than with unsolicited advertisements. According to Cleverpush, push notifications have an average click-through rate of 20%. The messages are displayed immediately and customers can easily get to the desired subpage of your shop. In contrast to newsletters, the customer does not have to reveal his email address. Through the settings of the app you can precisely define the target groups. For example, you can exclusively send messages to customers who registered more than a year ago. Or you can send messages to people who have not visited your shop for 30 days. You also have the option of defining categories from which customers can choose when opting in. For example, customers can define the product categories for which they want to receive messages.

Cleverpush supports all common browsers and smartphone operating systems. Using the KPI dashboard of the app, you always have an overview of all relevant key figures and can thus optimize your campaigns. In addition, you can perform A/B tests: By testing different message variants, you can quickly find out which messages generate the most revenue. You can define yourself when the opt in message should be displayed to users when they visit your shop – for example after a certain time or if a visitor has visited more than two subpages of your shop.

Cleverpush offers various plans, which differ in the range of functions and the possible number of subscribers. With the free plan you can send notifications to up to 1,000 subscribers, which is often enough for small shops to get started. However, some of the advanced features will not be available to you with this plan.

What content is suitable for push notifications?

The main goal of push notifications is to generate traffic to your online shop. For example, information about special offers or promotions are suitable for this. Inform your customers about new products and send them coupon codes. You can also encourage visitors who have not completed the order process and left your shop to submit their order.

What should I keep in mind when sending notifications?

  • Do not send too many messages. This is usually perceived as annoying by customers and can lead to them unsubscribing.
  • Always put yourself in the shoes of your shop’s visitors. Which information and which products could be relevant for these specific users?
  • Keep it short. Push notifications are not suitable for longer texts, and users often only take a quick glance at them.
  • Create curiosity. The more captivating a message is, the more likely users are to visit your shop.

To install the Cleverpush app, visit the app store in the administration area of your ePages Now online shop.

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