Product videos, image editing and more: new features in ePages Now

by Kristof Maletzke, 22.11.18

We are constantly working on improving your shop and its management. In this article we present some of the recent changes in the last weeks as well as an outlook on upcoming features.

New features and improvements can be roughly divided into three categories:

  • Changes in the shop, which further improve the user experience of your customers or offer them new possibilities in your shop
  • Improvements to the administration area, which make it even more comfortable for you to manage your shop
  • Optimisations “under the hood” where neither your customers nor you notice major changes

Below we present some improvements from all three categories that have either been integrated into your ePages Now shop in the last few weeks or will soon be available to you.

A product page with a video

Show your products with videos

With the editor you have always been able to add videos to the content and category pages of your shop. However, it was previously not possible to integrate videos on product pages. Now you can insert a video for each product. All you have to do is enter its YouTube address. The video will then be displayed as part of the picture gallery of the product.

There are many exciting ways to present your products in videos. If you sell apparel for instance, you can show videos in which models wear the clothes. If you have an online shop for technical equipment, you can show the unboxing of products and thus increase the customer’s desire to buy.

A study published in Forbes Magazine has shown that the integration of videos is definitely worthwhile for shop owners. According to the statistics, 90 percent of consumers said that product videos would help them make a purchase decision. 64 percent said they were more likely to buy a product after watching a video about it.

You can find instructions for adding videos to products in our help article.

Logos of payment and delivery methods are displayed in the footer

Logos of payment and delivery methods in the footer

When it comes to payment and delivery methods in online shops, many customers already have certain preferences. Some, for instance, prefer to pay by invoice or appreciate the simplicity and buyer protection of PayPal. If a visitor of your shop has already had good experiences with a logistics provider, he may prefer it for delivery. This can even go so far that customers abandon the order process if the desired payment or delivery options are not available to them.

From now on you can show the visitors of your shop directly which payment and shipping methods you offer. To do this, simply display the logos of these methods in the footer of your shop. The most popular of them are already preconfigured and only need to be activated by you. In addition to logos from PayPal & Co., there are also logos for payment methods for which no service provider is involved. Examples for this are payment in advance or paying by invoice. The logo you are looking for is not included? No problem – you can also upload your own.

You can find instructions for adding logos in our help article.

The main advantages of the shop are displayed at the top of the page

Displaying advantages of your shop in the header

Online merchants often convince customers to buy from them by offering special advantages and services. These can play a decisive role in the customer’s purchase decision.

Here are a few examples:

  • Free shipping
  • Products can be returned for 90 days
  • Free telephone support
  • Delivery within 24 hours

It is particularly helpful when these are unique selling points – advantages that no other shop offers.

To show these points to your customers, you can now have them displayed in the header of your shop. They can then be seen on every page and immediately catch the eye of visitors. The integration is very simple: In the administration area of your shop in the editor you just have to enter the advantages.

You can find instructions for this in our help article.

Editing an image within the editor of ePages Now

Image editing in the administration area

The editing of images is one of the rather unpopular tasks in the life of a shop owner. For this, merchants usually use image editing software such as Photoshop or Gimp. From now on you can also edit images directly in the editor of your shop. This applies to content elements such as “Image, single column” or “Image and text, two columns”. You have several possibilities of image editing at your disposal. For example, you can change the part of the image that is shown, zoom in and out of the image or change the aspect ratio. The latter is particularly useful if you would like to display several images next to one another and want them to have the same format.

You can find instructions for this in our help article.

Image slider with headline, text and a CTA button

Adding texts to images

A practical feature that will be available in your shop within the next few weeks: It will be possible to display texts on pictures, apart from the product pictures. For example, you can include a large-format image slider on the start page of your shop and simply insert a heading or additional text on it. You can also display an eye-catching call to action below the text. This is a button with a text like “Show offers” or “View product”. You can adjust for instance the colours of the text and the button. This feature supports you with making changes that fit to the design theme you chose and creates results that are displayed perfectly on all kinds of devices.

Even faster loading times due to lazy loading

An online shop with long loading times has several disadvantages. Internet users are impatient these days and sometimes stop trying to access a website if this takes too long – especially when using mobile phones. In addition, long download times also affect the search engine optimisation of your shop: Slow websites are not as highly ranked by Google as fast ones.

The ePages shop software is optimised from the outset for short loading times. Large file sizes of images can have a strong influence on the loading time. Usually all images of a page are loaded immediately, even if a user doesn’t scroll down and doesn’t get to see the lower pictures at all. Therefore the so-called lazy loading will soon be introduced in ePages shops. The images in the upper, visible area will automatically be loaded first. Images below are only loaded when the user scrolls down. Especially if you have pages with many pictures, this has a very positive effect on the loading times.

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