Online shop design: Do it yourself or have it done?

by Fabian Beigang, 21.09.18

The abbreviations DIY, DIWM and DIFM are often mentioned when talking about running an online shop and working on optimizing a shop design. Find out below what these abbreviations actually mean and which design approach is exactly the right one for your own shop.

The abbreviations DIY, DIWM and DIFM stand for various types of support in the implementation of projects. DIY stands for “Do it yourself” and describes the implementation of a project without any external help. DIWM, on the other hand, means “Do it with me” which includes external project support. With “Do it for me” a task is completely handled by an external service provider.

Do it yourself (DIY)

The main feature of your online shop is that you can set it up yourself using the DIY principle in a simple and uncomplicated manner. You can choose from a rich selection of modern design themes to decide on a design that is a perfect fit for you, your customers and your products. In addition, the intuitive editor allows you to adjust settings like colors and makes it easy to add text, images and videos. Our themes are already optimized to sell online successfully, making it possible to set up and design an attractive online shop within just a few clicks. Nonetheless, if you have more in-depth knowledge of the CSS programming language, you may also make further adjustments to the design.

While it is very easy for ecommerce beginners to create a beautiful and successful shop, they often grow a desire over time to further individualize their shops and the design of the shops in order to make them stand out from the multitude of online shops. Many retailers are then faced with the challenge of not having the necessary technical skills, the creative eye or simply the time to think intensively about online shop design.

Do it with me (DIWM)

The DIWM approach focuses mainly on expanding your knowledge and skills with external help to acquire the necessary know-how with which you can continue improving your shop independently. Fortunately, there are many sources of information available to you. For instance, you can talk to design professionals, get active in online forums, participate in webinars or watch video tutorials. All these options bring you up to date with the latest developments in ecommerce and encourage you to develop your shop on your own and try out new ideas.

Do it for me (DIFM)

Especially in online business, however, the time factor is often very important. It can be the main reason why a shop design is not regularly and sustainably improved further. This is where DIFM helps. Shop owners who, in addition to their core business, find it too time consuming to edit and further develop their shop themselves will find fast and competent support from ePages Design Services experts. With a trained eye and years of ecommerce expertise, these professionals quickly recognize how they can make your online shop even more attractive and successful. They implement the improvements, naturally in regular exchange with you. The services offered include setting your homepage, optimizing the product detail page or creating images.

More information on the design services may be found here for the shop version ePages Now and here for the version ePages Base. To display your shop version, choose Help in the administration area of your shop in the main menu. The version is displayed at the bottom of the page.

Regardless of which solution – DIY, DIWM or DIFM – you may choose: You should by no means leave the design and further development of your shop to chance. Invest the time, effort and money to catapult your online business to the next level of success. It’s worth it!

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