5 success factors for Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2022

presents as early as late summer? Around the holidays, two days are most popular for shoppers to buy their Christmas presents: Black Friday and Cyber Monday or BFCM. They are known among customers for offering the best deals on these days. As a merchant, these days offer you great sales potential. However, thousands of online shops compete for the attention of potential customers with voucher codes, discounts and other individual promotions. What does BFCM mean and with what preparation can you best encourage your customers to make a purchase and inspire them for the right gift ideas? You will find 5 tips in this article.

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Should you cash-in on Cyber Monday? By Graham Jones

What do people prefer when they are shopping? An instant bargain, right now, or longer term savings?

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Fit for Christmas Part 3 – The home straight

The last critical phase of the holiday shopping season has begun. For online merchants, it is now or never to reach all those who haven’t decided yet and steel need a last minute gift for a their loved ones. So what’s for you to do in the last week before the Christmas holidays? The ePages blog gives answers. Read more

Fit for Christmas – Part II

When Christmas decorations start appearing in towns and cities in November, most people start looking for presents to give to their loved ones. Online merchants should be prepared now for the best sales season all year. Continue reading the second part of the ePages blog's "Getting in Shape for Pre-Christmas Shopping" series to learn what you can do in order to best reach potential Christmas shoppers. Read more

100 Days to Christmas

Christmas is coming early this year. Only 100 days left until the celebration of Jesus’ birth and to bright shining children eyes. For all ePages merchants out there this means that they should get ready to be prepared for the most successful business period of the year. For that the ePages blog will feature a series of posts all around the Christmas business and the right preparations. Stay tuned for more.