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When shopping online, as many as one in three customers will use a search engine to find the products they are looking for.  This is why SEO - or search engine optimisation - is a much needed part of any online marketing strategy.  In this blog we will explain how you can easily improve the SEO strategy of your online shop.
Is the purchase process in your online shop easy to use? Does it help your customers complete orders - without long pauses? In this post we will give you tips on how to improve your website and make sure you get lots of orders coming through.
Twitter, Facebook & Co.; social media are increasingly influencing the buying habits of your customers. They love to chat about their favorite products and current purchases. In this article we give you tips on how to use social media to attract new customers and increase their loyalty to you.
The countdown to Christmas Eve begins. In Part 2 of our mini-series, explaining how to gain more customers with little effort, we will show you how to make your online shop fit for the holiday period.
With only two months left until Christmas, the remaining time carries huge opportunities. If you haven’t yet prepared your online shop for customers chasing presents, you should do it now. In a mini-series we will be providing last-minute tips for a successful pre-Christmas season. Here is part 1.
One billion users worldwide, more than 33 million of them in the UK: Facebook is a huge marketplace for any online retailer. But for most shop operators, selling products on Facebook is new territory. There are different methods for selling via social media but not everyone suits every shop. Here we present two interesting options.
Cloud services offer more and more functions and get very popular. The reasons are obvious: Online shops, for example, can be updated easily and without extra costs. A team representing ePages talked about these and further advantages of the cloud at dmexco in Cologne.

In May 2011, a new EU ‘cookie’ law designed to protect consumer privacy came into effect. A year later, the deadline is coming up for UK businesses to comply with the regulations. There’s a lot of speculation in the media about what the new law will mean for businesses which currently use cookies – so to put your mind at ease, we want to explain how it affects merchants using ePages' eCommerce software.

How do I handle links?

Links have been an integral part of HTML since the creation of the Internet by Tim Berners-Lee. In the eShop, we want to use both internal links, i.e. links to other pages within the shop, and external links, i.e. links to other websites on the Internet. In your eShop, links to internal pages are generated, in part, automatically. This always occurs, for example, if you assign a product to a category or use cross-selling or specific page elements such as the "Promotional products" box. You can also create manual links but you need to pay attention to several specific features. It is very important that you differentiate between internal and external links here.
With version 6.14, the product detail page of the ePages storefront is sporting a new look. This ‘preview’ article will help you learn more about how the new design can help you increase sales in your eShop.