Sell more through professional online shop design (Part 1)

by Andrea del Campo, 02.10.13

Payment Google checkout endsYour shop’s design plays a vital role for your success. In a new series, we reveal what makes a good visual appearance. The first part is about the basic layout of your website: Where is the right place for the most important elements? We also present our design services for merchants who prefer to rely on professional web designers.


Show professionalism through professional design

Many internet users are afraid of fraudulent online shops. Logically, if consumers buy something online, they want to be assured that their goods will really be delivered. They want to know that their address, account and credit card details are in safe hands. Therefore, the customers’ trust in an online shop and its owner is one of the most important aspects in e-commerce.

While industry giants like Amazon already enjoy the full trust of users, smaller online merchants need to convince people. Professional web design is important for this: According to a study from Stanford University 75% of Internet users evaluate the trustworthiness of a company by evaluating the design of its website.


Metalclaystudios GbR   Ingrid Wild

ePages shop with a clear layout that strengthens its trustworthiness:

ePages offers modern design templates that help you create your own, contemporary shop design quickly and easily. If you would prefer to let web professionals create your shop design, you should consider using our ePages Design Services.


Place important elements prominently

Do not only put product information and prices on your product detail pages. The most important information that potential customers are looking for also include details for delivery: How long does it take for the order to arrive? How much are the shipping costs? Many shop owners do not pay attention to the users’ wish to have such information displayed prominently on the page. Instead, customers often have to search the site to find out the shipping costs.



The “Buy Now” button: One of the most important elements

Differentiate yourself from your competitors: present the most important information as prominently as possible so that it cannot be overlooked. Underline the benefits of your shop. For example, if shipping is free with a specific logistics provider – which is a good selling proposition – this information should be highly visible on the page: for example, in the header or in a separate information box.


No experiments with the layout



Logo on the top left, shopping basket on the top right: Everything is at the right place in this shop (

Do you want your online shop to stand out from the crowd? A custom design can ultimately ensure that your customers remember your shop. But, don’t be too creative and experiment with arrangements of the individual elements as over the years different standards have been tested in web design and now customers expect a lot of elements of a website in certain places.

The main menu of your online shop should either be on the top or on the left side of the page. The link to the shopping cart should be located in the top right corner; your logo on the top left. A deviation from these norms can quickly have a negative impact on your sales.


ePages Design Services

Do you want a professional and unique design for your online shop, but do not have the time or the necessary skills? We can help you with our inhouse design team.

Our service is very simple: Describe to us how you imagine your website to look and we will get down to the work. On the basis of your specifications, our team will develop a professionally designed online shop that is completely tailored to you and your wishes. Within a few days your very own dream shop will be finished.


To find out more, visit the ePages design services’ website.


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