How you can sell more in the time before Easter

by Andrea del Campo, 08.03.16

For many merchants, the Christmas time stays the most profitable period of the year. But what about Easter? In our article you can learn how to increase your revenue during the time before the holidays.

A lot of UK citizens use the Easter time to hand out presents to their loved ones. This makes it a great opportunity for online merchants to sell gifts.

According to a 2015 survey, 78 percent of all parents in the UK stated that they always give easter eggs or other presents to their children for Easter. Usually they spent about £25 for each child. And that’s not everything: 60 percent of the people who took part in the survey said that their children get additional presents from friends or family members, with an average value of £31.

Among the most popular kinds of gifts are sweets, toys, flowers and vouchers. But even if you are not selling any of those in your shop, you can still use Easter to your advantage – especially if you offer products which could be given as smaller gifts. Since most people tend to give small presents for Easter, promotional campaigns with expensive products such as TVs or bicycles probably won’t be very successful.

Lindt Easter promotion

The chocolate company Lindt from Switzerland is prominently featuring their Easter products in their ePages shop

6 tips for boosting your Easter sales

Say it with images: If you have finally decided to join the Easter trend, your shop should “dress” for the occasion. Adding small changes to the design of your shop will give your visitors a very positive first impression and will allow them to understand what your selling proposition is. The easiest and most impactful way is to create a customised hero image or content slider on your start page that transmits the Easter feeling and the goal of following this trend: be it offering an Easter discount to increase sales, promoting your seasonal products or encouraging your visitors to get gifts for their relatives.

…but explain it with words: Customers have a sixth sense to detect when shops are just doing seasonal campaigns for the sake of selling more. And we all know this is the main goal of promotional campaigns. But customers feel keener to buy seasonal products if they understand the trend and enjoy it too. That is why content plays a relevant role to engage with your visitors. You do not need to write a novel about your Easter products: firstly because you do not have the time to write and secondly because none of your customers would read it. Content should allow you to better engage with your visitors in a catchy and fast way and position your shop on search engines thanks to the appropriate keywords.

Seasonal time is couponing time: Easter is broadly known as the time of hiding and hunting eggs as well as other treats and coupons. Either with an email campaign to your customer base or with banners in your shop, coupons are always a good incentive to accelerate sales. One option is to create a dedicated newsletter for all your existing customers so they can visit your shop again, check out your new products and, of course, use that exclusive 15% off that they and nobody else have. Additionally, you can also display a second coupon from a minimum purchase value for your new visitors. That is, for customers expending more than £60, they will get an automatic 10% off their purchase. Find out here how to create a coupon campaign in your shop.

Put all your Easter products together: If you are planning on doing an email or social media campaign based on only certain products – be it seasonal products, be it products that you have on stock and want to put on sale-, it is very advisable to create a dedicated landing page. You could call it “Easter time”, use a more creative name such as “Find your Easter eggs” or whatever along these lines fits best to your products. Creating this page will allow you to catch all your traffic from your social media promotion and enable a better conversion and user experience. Learn how to display promotional products on an individual page in this article.

Turn your delivery into a special arrival: A special packaging or wrapping paper can be a low-cost and effective way to build customer loyalty and improve the user experience in your shop. While this is something that you could do at any time of the year, you could add little details to adapt the shopping experience to the Easter period. For example, you could thank every customer with a branded chocolate egg and offer them an additional discount if they share the present on social media. Or if your shop offers books, you could thank your customers with a branded Easter bookmark! We are sure you will come up with some other ideas depending on your type of products.

Spread the word: No matter what promotion you do, let the internet know! Either if you are just using ads or sharing posts to talk to your social community, you should always use any promotion or campaign to involve your followers or potential customers and bring them to your site. You could, for example, run a contest for a £100 voucher, involve your followers by asking them questions or create a video showcasing some of your Easter products. Find more ideas in this article.

Any other ideas for the Easter season? Share your opinions with us in the comments. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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