New EU energy labelling regulations: how to implement the changes

by Jessica Tinker, 05.02.15

Since the start of the year, new rules apply to the energy labelling of certain electronic products. Here we explain how you can make the changes in your online shop.

Note: For general information on this topic, please read our first Blog article

What does the new law say?

Online retailers who sell certain types of electronic products must display the energy consumption information of these products. This must be displayed near the price and display the corresponding product data sheets in their shop.

Only products launched after 01/01/2015 with a new model number are affected and which belong to one of the following product groups:

  • Household dishwashers
  • Household refrigerators
  • Household washing machines
  • Televisions
  • Air conditioners
  • Household tumble driers
  • Electric lamps and lights
  • Vacuum cleaners
  • Room heaters (and similar)
  • Water heaters, hot water tanks

How will the changes be displayed in my online shop?

The energy efficiency class is displayed in your shop for the products concerned, always immediately next to the price:

  • On the product page
  • In the basket
  • On the order confirmation page
  • On the category pages
  • On the search result pages

On the product page, for example, the class is displayed as follows:

Displaying the class

On the product page, there is also a new link called “Product data sheet”. If the customer clicks on this link, the product data sheet opens in a new window.

The changes also apply for the mobile version of your online shop.

Where do I obtain the necessary information?

Please ask your supplier or the product manufacturer for the product data sheet and the energy label. Ideally, both the data sheet and the label will be available as a JPG, PNG or PDF file.

How do I implement the changes for my online shop?

From February, you can implement the changes concerned in your online shop. If the functions described below are not yet present in your shop, please try again at a later date.

How to implement the changes

  1. In the administration area in the main menu, select Products then Products.
  2. The table shows an overview of all products in your online shop. Select the item number of the product you want to edit.
  3. Go to the Manufacturer information section.
  4. To upload a product data sheet for this product, next to Product data sheet choose Select file and select the data sheet from your computer.
  5. Do you sell the product in more than one language? If so, you must also make the product sheet available in the other languages. You do so to the right of it.
  6. To upload an energy label for this product, next to Energy label choose Select file and select the label from your computer.
  7. To specify the energy efficiency class for this product, you first need to upload an energy label. Next, select whether you wish to specify a class or an area. The option area is intended for lights and lamps; all other product groups have a single class. Use the slide control to select the class/area.
  8. Save your data.


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