5 x Shop: Inspiration for your online shop V

by Anja Römisch, 23.06.09

5xShopIt’s time again to present you with several more accomplished shop examples based on the ePages shop software. The highlights this time: Demo videos, smooth-flowing pictorials, free shipping, regular customer discount, first-time buyer discount and last but not least, a creation from Design & Consult, an ePages design service. We hope you’ll be inspired by them.



JawboneThe San Francisco based company Aliph offers high quality and award-winning Bluetooth headsets in their shop eu.jawbone.com. The shop has an elegant and sophisticated design where the product’s advantages are presented in demo videos. A convenient "Buy now" button is located next to each demo video. The shop itself is reduced to the essentials to direct full attention to the presentation of its products and is achieved through the use of artful images and elegant effects like smooth-flowing pictorials and colours that change when the mouse is moved. The use of cross selling motivates customers to add accessory products to the shopping basket as well.

AntiphraseAntiphrase.com sells designer T-shirts in English and French and endeavours to make talented artists known worldwide. Since the themes of the products are such attention-getters already, the shop largely dispenses with adorning elements and thus preserves an unostentatious appeal. Close-up photographs of the products and themes imparts a vivid impression of their look & feel. Drop-down menus are utilised for the display of different product variations. The integration of artists’ biographies underscores the uniqueness of the product range. All shop pages have a "Share" button to established social networks and bookmark services for sharing content.





Teethwhiteonline.com is committed to whiter teeth. The shop slogan and the bulleted selling points in the clickable teaser graphic on the site’s home page illustrate this aim. The few, clearly arranged product categories are located in the left column while the main navigation level is visually subdued and focuses purely on customer information. The prominently placed SafeBuy seal of approval icon of the British site vetting company with the same name conveys security and trustworthiness. Fast delivery and shipping costs are important purchasing criteria for many customers and the shop answers these needs with "Same day shipping" and free delivery.





Finland’s best online grocery store ruokatori.fr introduces shop visitors to its variety of goods with vivid colours just like being at the greengrocer. In addition to the fresh colours, rounded box elements and menu items in index card style make for a pleasant browsing experience in the shop. A large teaser area on the home page lists the shop’s central selling points and attracts customers with a 10 EUR discount on first purchases in the shop. Regular customers receive an additional discount of 4% on every purchase. A centrally placed hotline number makes it easy for customers to contact the shop operator. Additional contact information is located in the footer area.



Wunschpapier A shop right out of ePages’ own house is wunschpapier.de. The site offers exotic paper products from Costa Rica and Nepal for use for photos, gifts and notes. The unique feature: ePages’ Design & Consult team was put in charge of the shop setup. The "Design & Consult" service is reasonably priced and is intended for all operators of ePages rental shops whether they need a bold plan or just finishing touches. The creation of the logo, layout and images, as well as the integration of the products took only 4 days. The clean structure, the earth-toned colourfulness and the focused arrangement of the product range make for a comfortable visit in the shop. Boxes with images and short texts illustrate subtopic areas and supply content for Google & Co. Product images can be enlarged greatly and also shown as slideshow.
Interested in Design & Consult? Simply write us at dc@epages.com or call us at: +49 40 350188 0.

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