5 success factors for Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2022

presents as early as late summer? Around the holidays, two days are most popular for shoppers to buy their Christmas presents: Black Friday and Cyber Monday or BFCM. They are known among customers for offering the best deals on these days. As a merchant, these days offer you great sales potential. However, thousands of online shops compete for the attention of potential customers with voucher codes, discounts and other individual promotions. What does BFCM mean and with what preparation can you best encourage your customers to make a purchase and inspire them for the right gift ideas? You will find 5 tips in this article.

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What’s your Black Friday strategy? Sources of analysis & inspiration

Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday – the next days will be an extremely busy period in the retail calendar. These days have now become the official kick off to the Christmas shopping season. Last month, we reported on the different measures you can take to prepare your store for the increase in traffic and interest from online shoppers.

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Should you cash-in on Cyber Monday? By Graham Jones

What do people prefer when they are shopping? An instant bargain, right now, or longer term savings?

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Reminder: Cyber Monday is coming on 29th of November!

Here’s a little reminder for you: Are you aware, that Cyber Monday is only 12 days away? This is your almost last chance to prepare special offers to your customers and promote them with Adwords campaigns and newsletters. With ePages you don’t have to worry about the infrastructure of your shop being prepared for the top selling e-commerce day of the year. Butow about your storage? Do you have enough of this year’s top sellers in stock? How about packaging materials? And last but not least: What’s with assistance for getting the goods on the road? Keep in mind: Cyber Monday will also come to your shop…