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Are you familiar with web controlling? Do you already use Google Analytics or etracker in your online shop? Analysing the behaviour of the users on your site can give you many clues to increase your sales. In this article we will explain how to improve your page with this data.
One of the main aspects of your market research should be the analysis of your competitors’ actions and strategies. In this article we will give you some tips for identifying your main competitors and seeing their pros and cons.
It is essential to know your clients if you want to offer them what they are looking for. By spending a little time on market research you will increase your revenues. In this article we give you some tips that can help you to get to know your customers better than ever – and retain them.
How do I handle links?

Links have been an integral part of HTML since the creation of the Internet by Tim Berners-Lee. In the eShop, we want to use both internal links, i.e. links to other pages within the shop, and external links, i.e. links to other websites on the Internet. In your eShop, links to internal pages are generated, in part, automatically. This always occurs, for example, if you assign a product to a category or use cross-selling or specific page elements such as the "Promotional products" box. You can also create manual links but you need to pay attention to several specific features. It is very important that you differentiate between internal and external links here.
Most of the bigger companies own a Facebook fanpage nowadays which is maintained by the marketing team. But in the Google search engine results these fanpage still don’t show up at all. The reason for that: While doing search engine optimization for the companies website is custom nowadays the Facebook fanpage still get’s neglected. Looking at Facebooks growth rate this has to change. So, what can an online merchant do, to boost his Facebook fanpage?  

The terms of use have changed for Google Base, the popular product-search technology offered by California’s search-engine provider. Merchants must therefore verify and claim their website URLs without delay. If merchants fail to do so, they will no longer be able to export products to Google Base. Merchants who already have a Google Base link must verify their online shop by 18 May 2010. Continue reading this ePages blog to find out how to do this.

People have loved moving images since the advent of motion pictures. Thanks to DSL and other broadband connections, videos have become an integral part of the Internet. Unleash the multimedia potential of your ePages software by incorporating product videos into your shop. Our YouTube gadget makes it easier than ever before to tap the multimedia power of your shop. The ePages blog will help you get started.

The easiest way is not always the best way. If you want to sell well online, you must learn how to draw attention to your website and persuade people to buy from you. The ePages Blog will tell you why self-created content helps to boost your sales figures.


Make your way to the top of the Google search results- our experts in Search Engine Marketing tell you how. They have put together a special document for you in order to give you first steps advices how to succeed in the wide field that is Search Engine Marketing. Learn in our free SEO-Doc, how to optimise your Onlineshop und present it to the search engines with success.


In the last article of our three-part special (part 1, part 2) we'll take a look at the descriptive text in the Google search results. What options do we have here to have an effect on the display?