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The new version of our online shop software has just arrived. The roll-out at our resellers is in full swing. With this version you’ll be able to enjoy a whole new range of functionalities.
As an online merchant, you are probably very familiar with the products you offer. Take advantage of this and present yourself as an expert. Give your customers good advice and increase loyalty. 
Do you want to put your products in the spotlight? Then avoid common mistakes. Remove The Background gives you five tips that will help you to create high quality photos. It's worth it: Great pictures convince the customers of your online shop.
Only amateurs make bad pictures. You can do better – with these tips from Remove The Background. If you are doing the product photos for your online shop by yourself, you have the chance to get high-quality images. In this article, you will find the first five tips – you can find the next five tips in the second part.
Do you need to put a lot of information on your product detail pages?  Does this make them confusing and just too long? You can now organise everything by displaying the product information in tabs, making it clearer and easier to decipher.
Is the purchase process in your online shop easy to use? Does it help your customers complete orders - without long pauses? In this post we will give you tips on how to improve your website and make sure you get lots of orders coming through.
With version 6.14, the product detail page of the ePages storefront is sporting a new look. This ‘preview’ article will help you learn more about how the new design can help you increase sales in your eShop.
On September 22, 2011 Google Shopping will change its guidelines. Products that you would like to continue to have listed in the Google product search in Germany, UK, France and the USA will require additional information for the Google product categories after this cut-off date. If product data is transferred to Google without this information it will no longer be listed in the Google product search. The ePages blog will explain what you need to do to fulfill Google's requirements in order to still be able to sell via Google Shopping after September 22.

With over 600 million registered users, Facebook is by far the largest social network in the world. On average, Facebook users spend over three hours a day on the platform. Measured by visitor times, the network from Palo Alto California far outranks Internet top dog Google. All this makes Facebook one of the largest channels through which online merchants can generate customers. We've taken all of this into account, and included a Facebook integration to ePages in version 6.11. The ePages blog explains which level of integration is possible.

Neuromarketing studies have shown that emotional activity in a customer's brain decreases after just eight seconds. You must strive during this brief time span to get people enthusiastic about your online shop and your offerings. The single most important factor? A well-designed shop! But what should you keep in mind while sprucing up your shop? Continue reading the ePages blog to learn about four field-proven principles.