Selling online in style: a new footprint for your fashion business

by Andrea del Campo, 16.03.15

Have you been selling your designs for years in your brick and mortar store and are now considering taking your business to the next level? Or are you just starting out and looking for a platform to showcase and sell your designs? Why not to open an online shop? E-commerce is a booming industry, especially if you are selling fashion products, and there is plenty of potential out there for your store.

Let’s put it this way: you have been running your business since forever, and actually it is running well. You know better than anyone else how it works: you invested in it, you found a store, you picked the patterns, you tailored your business idea and you turned it into reality. Great, well done! However, you may have seen how your competitors have started selling online and have significantly increased their sales and revenues. You don’t want to get left behind, do you?

Well, we have good news for you! Running your own online shop will not only allow you to display your clothing catalogue online, but will also give new potential customers an easy way of shopping your clothing line from the comfort of their homes. And don’t worry, an online shop site is not as technical as it might sound and you don’t need to be a tech genius to get started. What you do need is an all-inclusive e-commerce solution that makes it easy for you and your fashion business to set up your online shop and to start selling online. You just have to take care of your products, and we will take care of all the other technical stuff you don’t even want to hear about.

With an all-inclusive e-commerce solution, you can create an online footprint in the fashion industry and reach new potential customers and milestones. You can choose from a wide selection of professional and customised templates to design you online shop as it was your local store. Our plug and play shop solution is ready to help you accept orders, display your customised designs, engage customers or develop marketing strategies as soon as you get started.


What could a customisable online shop offer you?

An all-inclusive and customisable online shop will allow you to…

  • Easily manage your products to convert your customers: benefit from big product images, feature items and manage your stock.
  • Create your own individual design and have complete control of the look and feel of your shop thanks to customisable templates.
  • Sell your products on the go! Your shop will automatically be mobile with an optimised version for tablets and smartphones.
  • Spread your online presence through powerful SEO and marketing tools.
  • Benefit from popular e-commerce plugins: such as payment methods, marketplaces and price comparison portals. All of this is available in your ePages shop.
  • Keep track of you shop development and analyse your visitors to provide a better user experience.
  • Come to us whenever you need help. Our support tools are here for you. Talk to us in our community or go through our quick start guide to get you started.


Would you like to see how others made it? Visit our shop gallery and discover the many possibilities of ePages online shops.


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Still not sure? Give it a try now with your free ePages demo shop! Ready to take the next step and buy, then choose from our many resellers in the UK to find an offering that suits you!

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