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by Andrea del Campo, 13.01.15

We do not want you to miss a thing in your online shop! That’s why we have created a new section on our website called online training. We will present you a series of free webinars which show you, step by step, all the features and possibilities of your shop.

Forget the theory! We all know the best way of learning is through practice, so let´s do it together! From now on, within the online training section you will find plenty of live webinars to register for and recordings of former online trainings to help you sell smarter and boost your online business. In addition, all live courses will also be recorded and uploaded to the site, so you can repeat the steps as many times as you may need.


In these webinars, we cover everything you need to get your shop up and running and help boost your business: from adding new products to your shop, to setting up payment methods or internationalising your shop.

The courses will be organised into two different categories: beginner and advanced, so you may start reviewing the basics of your shop and end up becoming an expert in ecommerce.

Each course will be free of charge and take approximately 45 min plus 15 min dedicated to Q&As.

Also, if you have questions related to the training, you can ask us directly using the live chat. We will try to answer you as soon as possible, but in case any of your questions were not answered, we will post all questions and answers on our forum within the next 48 hours.


How does it work?

Just enter your details on this form and click on “submit”. By doing so, we will have collected your contact info and will be able to inform you monthly about the upcoming webinars. One day before the webinar, we will send you a reminder email with a direct link to join the live webinar.


Want to learn more?

Our event, ePages academy, looks at the many helpful features of your online shop and provides many helpful tips. During that one-day event, you will not only receive advice and training from our ecommerce experts, but also be able to ask them personally about your individual questions. New dates and cities coming soon!

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