Trust in e-Commerce: Testimonials

by Anja Römisch, 17.06.08


The appeal of a brand or product is based in large part on its prestige, distinctiveness and dependability. In this third installment of the “Trust in e-Commerce” series, we want to boost the trust your clients place in you and help you enhance the distinctiveness and appeal of your products and services. Testimonials or loosely translated customer recommendations are simple ways of achieving a great deal.

What Are Testimonials?

A testimonial is a recommendation of a product or service written by a truly satisfied customer. For example, if a customer praises the indestructibility of the cream cakes you sell, then that is a testimonial. Positive customer feedback leads new customers to like and trust the product in question, thus simplifying the decision-making process. If you want to use testimonials to your advantage, you simply need good products and a good relationship with your customers.

Advantages of Testimonials

Ultimately, testimonials are little more than marketing tools. The decisive advantages in contrast to conventional advertising? Testimonials cost little or nothing, are not annoying, entail no work and sound authentic.

Authentic Testimonials

Of course, you could simply use a testimonial generator  and let it spit out tiny texts ;). Authentic sources, however, are superior. When a customer praises you, ask him to submit a photo of him with the product had purchased. You can reward him for his help with a coupon for his next purchase. Or you can encourage a lot of customers all at once via newsletter to submit testimonials about their purchases. Again, do not forget to acknowledge feedback with small gestures such as coupons.

Customer Opinions in Your ePages Online Shop or Website

You can incorporate testimonials in different ways into your shop. Company pages and product descriptions are especially suitable.

Please read the article "Editorial pages in the online shop" to learn how you can create freely-designable pages in your shop.

To add a testimonial to a product description, select the corresponding product (click on product number) under Products within your shop administration; then click on Description in the General register. Or, if you want the text to appear in the product overview, insert the text into the Description field. If the text should appear on the product’s detail page, edit the Detailed description field. You can easily add images, either in HTML mode or via the Edit Text button and the tree icon.

Have You Already Encountered Good Examples?

If you already display testimonials in your shop – or know of pages which properly present customer opinions – please comment on this article.

Is there anything you have questions or remarks about? We eagerly look forward to hearing from you.



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  1. 07.07.2009

    Thanks for the useful article. We just published a similar article on our blog. One thing that we’ve found works well is to ask for specifics, rather than asking for customers to fill out surveys.

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