“The ePages academy's worth it”: interview with Sommerlatschen merchant Andreas Bohn

by Andrea del Campo, 22.04.14

The ePages academy, for the first time, will be held in London and is open to all British merchants. The event, that will take place on May the 9th, will offer a day full of practical tips and improvements for your online shop. The first series of the ePages academy events took place last autumn in a total of five locations in Germany. This year the ePages academy will repeat the experience by coming back to ten German cities and celebrating the premiere in London.

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Naveen Aricatt from Trusted Shops

Legal requirements Not just a burden, but key to your success

by Naveen Aricatt from Trusted Shops, 25.03.14

  There are many things you will need to keep in mind before setting up an online business. Apart from all the technical and business side issues, it is essential to pay attention to the legal requirements. There are several laws that apply to online retailers. In this article we just want to give you two examples of legal requirements that you need to fulfil.

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Selecting the right delivery methods

by Jessica Tinker, 25.03.14

Your shop software enables you to offer your customers a very wide range of delivery methods. But how do you make the right selection? And what else should you think about when it comes to delivering your products? In our interview, e-commerce expert Dietmar Hölscher of MCC Shop and Gourmetstern.de offers some invaluable tips.

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Social networks: Getting customers inside your online shop

by Jessica Tinker, 17.03.14

Social networks like Twitter and Facebook are increasingly influencing your customers' purchasing habits. Consumers enjoy referring to products and their latest purchases. Take advantage of this. In this post, we'll offer you some tips to help you direct visitors from social networks to your online shop, acquire new customers and establish a loyal customer base.

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Successful online shop: Making money

by Jessica Tinker, 14.03.14

Online shopping is extremely popular. But customers react particularly sensitively on their way to the checkout if their preferred payment method is not available.

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Product photos: Avoiding common mistakes

by Jessica Tinker, 13.03.14

Do you photograph products yourself? A fair bit of work, but well worth the effort. Get the most out of it with professional images. Here are a few tips.

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Why web design is important for your online shop

by Jessica Tinker, 12.03.14

In this article you'll learn how the design of your shop has a role to play in the sales success. The success of your shop depends on many factors. In addition to attractive products, effective marketing and good customer service, the design of your shop is equally crucial. The following establishes relevant aspects to achieve this. 

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Higher sales with professional shop design

by Jessica Tinker, 11.03.14

The visual appearance of your eShop has a fundamental role to play in terms of your success. We'll let you into a few secrets of shop design.

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Getting started in e-commerce

by Jessica Tinker, 10.03.14

You finally want to turn your idea into a reality and start selling online. There's a lot you need to know if you want to start selling your products. The good news: You've already reached an important milestone in making a decision on your choice of shop system. Now you can start building your online shop. We'll give you some starter tips to help you launch your eShop.

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The perfect product page

by Jessica Tinker, 07.03.14

To buy or not to buy? Your customers mostly ask this question on your shop's product pages. We will explain how you can prompt your customers to buy through the use of attractively designed product pages.

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