Google Analytics: making the move to Universal Analytics

by Kristof Maletzke, 26.11.15

Do you use Google Analytics to gather statistics on the ways in which your shop is being used? Then it’s time to get busy and move over to the latest standard: Universal Analytics.

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Should you cash-in on Cyber Monday? By Graham Jones

by Graham Jones, 18.11.15

What do people prefer when they are shopping? An instant bargain, right now, or longer term savings?

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The mega menu: easy navigation for your shop

by Kristof Maletzke, 16.11.15

With the help of a mega menu, visitors to your shop can find what they are looking for quickly and easily – even if your shop includes lots of categories and sub-pages.

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Black Friday & Cyber Monday… Why are these dates important for your online shop?

by Andrea del Campo, 09.11.15

Dates such as Black Friday or Cyber Monday are now in the mind of everybody. Understanding the significance of these days is imperative in best utilising the pre-holiday period to boost your online sales. What are these dates and how can you prepare for their arrival?

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Grow Your Business with Contact Management Solutions

by Frank Bunte (Act!), 06.11.15

If you are a merchant and business owner, no doubt you spend hours every day thinking of ways to grow your business. You constantly review production and supply chain standards, marketing strategies, sales goals, and a myriad of other things that combine to make your business more profitable. However, in the category of marketing and sales, are you taking advantage of every available tool to help you reach your goals? In this guest article, Frank Bunte from Act! explains how you can grow your business.

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Checklist: what customers expect when visiting your online shop

by Andrea del Campo, 22.10.15

A lot of the time, customers arrive to a website and abandon it immediately. Why? Either because they don’t easily find what they are looking for or because the site does not meet certain standards. However, what are the standards that customers expect when visiting an online shop? To answer that question, we’ve prepared a checklist with the main elements customers and visitors expect in order to retain them in your site and ultimately reduce shop abandonment:

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ePages academy, London - Coaching in International selling, design, branding and social media marketing

by Richard Stevenson, 15.10.15

The ePages academy once again brought to the stage some of the key issues of selling online: Branding, international selling, social media marketing, design and payments. Under the title ‘Sell Smarter Online’, this latest coaching event delivered great knowledge and insights in a friendly setting, with fantastic networking and interaction between merchants and e-commerce professionals.

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Use a SaaS CRM to Create an Effective E-Mail Marketing Strategy

by Frank Bunte (Act!), 06.10.15

Are you incorporating an effective e-mail strategy into your marketing plan? According research gathered by the Chief Marketing Officer Council Worldwide, e-mail marketing was the most effective digital marketing channel for customer retention in 2014. In this guest article, Frank Bunte from Act! gives tips on how to engage your customers via email.

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Support Hub: Plenty of resources to support your online growth

by Andrea del Campo, 28.09.15

As you may have seen, in the last couple of months we have been intensifying our support activities to help you grow your business. We have increased the number of academy events, revamped our new Online Help Center, launched Simple e-commerce and now we are more than happy to present you our new ePages Support Hub, a page where all our support services can be reached with just one click.

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Stay informed with ePages e-mail events

by Kristof Maletzke, 24.09.15

By using the e-mail events function within your online shop you can automatically have emails sent, on specified occasions, to either you or your customers. In this article we explain the different ways in which this can be of benefit.

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