ePages academy: get your early-bird tickets now!

by Andrea del Campo, 16.09.14

After successful events in Germany and England, the ePages academy is coming back to London for a second time to help you boost your online business. During the one day event, you will receive practical tips from experts and have the opportunity to share your experiences with other successful merchants.

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Commerce Summit: all about the success of SMBs

by Jessica Tinker, 11.09.14

The Commerce Summit welcomed 350 industry attendees and revealed the enormous growth potential for merchants and future merchants.

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Commerce Summit: the experts are also meeting on twitter

by Andrea del Campo, 02.09.14

On the 4th and 5th of September we are hosting the second edition of the Commerce Summit in Hamburg: 400 international experts from the e-commerce industry will be discussing trends and strategies in the segment of small and medium businesses.

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7 essential tools to internationalise your shop

by Dario Wilding, 16.07.14

Internationalisation is a key trend in e-commerce to help boost online businesses. According to Royal Mail, 68% of small and medium sized retailers in the UK are looking to target new overseas markets. However, to be successful moving into other markets requires a lot of work.

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6 effective cross selling strategies

by Dario Wilding, 11.07.14

If you want to increase the basket of your customers, cross selling is the most effective way to achieve that. Many successful online – and offline – players have been using cross selling for many years and know how to get the most out of it.

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ePages Newsletter: new content in a responsive design

by Andrea del Campo, 09.07.14

Today we are proud to present the new ePages Newsletter. Everything you need to keep you up to date with what is happening at ePages and in the e-commerce industry. Keep reading to find out more…

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Ensure that your customers receive your e-mails

by Stephanie Meier, 08.07.14

The organisation, DMARC, is an initiative established by several big companies pursuing the goal of protecting users from spam. Avoid using free e-mail services for your online shop communication. Rather, only use an e-mail address involving your own domain to ensure that your shop communication works smoothly.

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12 things you should avoid on your online shop

by Andrea del Campo, 18.06.14

E-Commerce is a very demanding field because your competitor is no further than a click away. If a customer finds, in your online shop, something he doesn’t like or something that does not work, he simply has to close it and look for another one. In this article, we present you a list of outdated features that you should avoid to allow your customers a better shopping experience.

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New consumer rights directive: How you can create a table of contents on your page about withdrawal

by Jessica Tinker, 03.06.14

It is now possible to create, so called anchors, on pages of your shop with which you can create a table of contents. If someone clicks on one of the headlines in the table of contents, they jump to the paragraph in question. For instance, you can use this on your page on withdrawal making it easier for customers to find the information which is relevant to them.

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New consumer rights directive: How to let your customers know that the right of withdrawal disappears for some goods

by Jessica Tinker, 03.06.14

The new consumer rights directive contains many legal implications. In some cases the customer should confirm during the order process that they know that the right of withdrawal disappears in some cases. Thanks to a new feature, this is now possible in your shop.

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