Amazon Payments: Let your customers pay with their Amazon account

by Kristof Maletzke, 24.05.16

The convenient and secure payment method, Amazon Payments, is now available for ePages powered online shops. It is an ideal measure to win repeat customers from the popular marketplace.

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E-mail marketing: The best KPIs to measure your success (infographic)

by Lars Tinnefeld (Trusted Shops), 20.05.16

This article from Lars Tinnefeld, e-mail marketing expert at Trusted Shops, provides you with an overview of the most important KPIs for your newsletters and how to measure them.

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We’ve broken a World Record - 50 hours of online marketing and e-commerce

by Kristof Maletzke, 19.05.16

Last weekend we had the opportunity to be part of the World Quondos Record: the longest online marketing and e-commerce event ever, held in Alicante, Spain. What a weekend it was! During 50 nonstop hours, more than 80 speakers went on stage to share tips, business ideas, life experiences as well as many tools and concepts.

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The ePages App Store: Everything for your e-commerce success

by Kristof Maletzke, 14.05.16

Marketing. SEO, product pictures or shipping: The ePages App Store provides you with the right apps for every occasion. Read in our article how you can add new features to your shop and increase the success of your e-commerce business.

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5 tips for an optimal online shop design

by Richard Stevenson, 08.05.16

The e-commerce market is highly competitive. What should merchants consider if they are to beat their competition?

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Translating your online shop in 4 simple steps

by Bethan Cunningham (Milega), 05.05.16

The team from e-Translation Agency by Milega presents this guide to translating your online shop.

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5 of the best apps to boost your e-commerce success

by Richard Stevenson, 01.05.16

With our apps you can boost the success and revenue of your online shop. We present you 5 of the most helpful apps.

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What should I do in post-production for high quality product images?

by Thomas Kragelund (Pixelz), 25.04.16

You want to impress your customers with amazing product pictures? Then you should pay special attention to the post-production of your images. Thomas Kragelund from Pixelz explains what you need to consider.

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The ePages Theme Store: Modern design templates for your online shop

by Kristof Maletzke, 19.04.16

With the ePages premium themes your shop will have a new, modern and outstanding design.

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Video: How customer reviews can help you

by Kristof Maletzke, 15.04.16

Customer reviews are essential for your shop: They not only help your visitors with their buying decision, but also show them some "social proof". In our short video you can learn more about this topic.

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