Product ratings: benefit from your customers’ opinions

by Kristof Maletzke, 18.05.15

Product ratings and reviews play a vital role in e-commerce. In our article, we explain why ratings can boost your revenue and how to let your customers have their say in your shop.

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“The ePages academy really meets the needs of what I am looking for.”

by Andrea del Campo, 08.05.15

The ePages academy in London was a great success. On Friday 24th of May, more than 40 British merchants and ecommerce professionals got together at the PayPal office in Richmond, for a day full of interesting insights, presentations and a lot of networking. There, the participants shared own experiences and opportunities for growing their online businesses and optimising their sales.

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Selling through marketplaces and price comparison portals

by Andrea del Campo, 04.05.15

When you are selling online, there’s a huge variety of channels to promote your business. There’s not only your online shop but also many other channels, such as marketplaces. In this article, we explain the benefits of selling though marketplaces and product portals as well as the possibilities of this from your ePages shop.

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The best search for your online shop

by Kristof Maletzke, 24.04.15

For online merchants, a good search function is essential. When customers visit your shop, the first thing many of them do is enter a search term rather than clicking through categories or following links.

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ePages academy: Last tickets on sale!

by Andrea del Campo, 21.04.15

Only a few days left before the ePages academy - the event to help you boost your business, achieve higher revenues and sell smarter online. We are looking forward to welcoming you this Friday 24th at Whittaker House in London! Come and enjoy a day full of worthwhile presentations and useful advice from e-commerce experts.

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Google update on the 21st of April: All you need to know

by Kristof Maletzke, 20.04.15

On the 21st of April, Google is changing its algorithm for the mobile search. In our article, you’ll find out why this update will have major consequences and what it means for ePages shops.

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Improve the design of your online shop with our new free webinars

by Andrea del Campo, 16.04.15

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced pro, you can get some design tips to help you get your shop looking sharp and ultimately converting more leads into sales! Join our new design webinars on the 21st and 23rd of April and get your online shop looking fresh and professional.

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How to generate more sales and customers out of Search: Q&A with Sam Haddadi from Digital Clicks

by Andrea del Campo, 13.04.15

It’s well known that the majority of online customers go straight to Google when trying to find a new product or service. So your business has great opportunities to be found and gain new customers. Want to learn how? Then don’t miss the presentation of Sam Haddadi, Director of digital agency Digital Clicks, at the ePages academy!

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Customisable products: adaptable and individual

by Kristof Maletzke, 10.04.15

The do-it-yourself trend continues and you too can profit from it in your shop. Customisable products enable your customers to adapt products themselves and create anything from T-shirts to mugs with their own designs.

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Why is it important to continuously present new content on your online shop? Q&A with our Software Trainer André Podeyn

by Andrea del Campo, 08.04.15

Seasonal and continuously updated content can offer a fresh look for your online shop and give your customers the professional touch they are expecting. Sounds challenging but don’t panic, our ePages expert and software trainer, André Podeyn, will share tips and tricks of how to keep your shop up to date easily.

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