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Online merchants in the EU will have to comply with certain rules concerning shipping to other European countries in the future. We’ll guide you through the changes below.
The European Commission proposed a package of measures today to allow consumers and companies to buy and sell products and/or services online more easily across the EU. The main three measures are: tackling geo-blocking, making cross-border parcel delivery more affordable and promoting customer trust through better protection and enforcement.
France is the country with the third biggest e-commerce volume in Europe and a great opportunity to trade your products in a new country. However, before rushing to sell in France, it is fundamental to know how French shoppers behave in order to not lose time or resources. In this article, we give 5 keys to sell successfully in France.
Internationalisation is a key trend in e-commerce to help boost online businesses. According to Royal Mail, 68% of small and medium sized retailers in the UK are looking to target new overseas markets. However, to be successful moving into other markets requires a lot of work.