The “Greta effect” in retail: How do merchants reach a new generation of conscious shoppers?

by Efe Acunaz, 11.06.21

Think about the last time you received a package from an online shop. In your opinion, did it have an unnecessary amount of plastic wrapping or packaging? If so, did that make you question whether you want to continue shopping with that brand or possibly look for an alternative?

In recent years, a growing number of consumers are questioning where products come from and what impact they are having on society and the environment. They are consciously searching for and buying from brands that are aligned with their own values. We call this shift in consumer behaviour the “Greta effect” in retail.

Changes in consumer behaviour and new opportunities for SMB merchants

In his presentation at the recent E-Commerce Berlin EXPO Virtual Edition, Efe Acunaz, Head of Communications at ePages, shed light on the “Greta effect” in retail and how it is changing the consumer journey. Watch the recorded video below for insights from consumers and merchants. Find out about best practices from the industry and how SMBs can tap into the potential of sustainable commerce. Among many others, we address the following topics and questions:


  • What market opportunity does sustainable commerce present for SMBs?
  • Is conscious shopping just a trend or a real change in consumer behaviour?
  • What are some innovative ways and best practices to address conscious shoppers?
  • How does increasing demand for ecological, sustainable products affect revenue potential?
  • To what extend do consumers consider sustainability in making a purchase decision?

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is Head of Communications at ePages.


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