Meet consumer demands with a new way to pay online

by Olga Fahrieva, 03.05.18

One area of ecommerce that is currently undergoing rapid transformation is financial technology and specifically the world of online payments. In this guest article from our partner Skrill you can find out more about that.

Keep pace by embracing new financial payment technology

Technology defines so much of what we do, it is therefore no surprise that it now defines how we pay for things. Consumers are demanding more variety, better payment options and faster, more convenient ways to pay across mobile, tablet and PC. Merchants who are best equipped to meet these demands can expect to experience the most growth. Shop owners who fail to stay relevant risk being left behind by a demanding consumer base who expect convenience.

More payment solutions for better market penetration

Consumers want options and variety: digital payments on mobile devices and local payment methods are in high demand. Online companies unable to cater to these needs are losing out on potential business. There are many opportunities to increase conversions, if your payment solutions are modern and adaptable.

Make consumers feel safe and comfortable

Customers love what is easy and familiar. They know their online banking and trust its safety. Many are interested in the security and familiarity of their online banking when making payments online. Skrill, a digital payments company, can help merchants tap into this need.

Meet demand with a new way to pay online.

Rapid Transfer is an instant bank transfer service offered by Skrill* as part of their suite of digital payment solutions.  It allows consumers in Europe to make payments to online merchants directly from their bank account. Consumers pay in seconds and payments are authorized by customers using their existing online banking login details. Instant and convenient, users do not have to leave the merchant website to complete a payment.

Fast, simple payments….

…are what brings consumers back again. Rapid Transfer, now available on ePages, ensures they remain in the shop while completing their payment. It is available in 19 countries and supported by over 170 local banks in all local European currencies. It provides merchants with a cost effective and safe payment instrument to add to their list of payment solutions. And it comes with the added benefit of Chargeback Protection as all payments are indemnified.

How to add Rapid Transfer to your checkout

Open a Skrill account and gain simple access to this innovative payment solution. It’s instant, secure and easy to enable through the Skrill plug-ins. It also meets the new standard regulation requirements by being PSD2 registered for Payment Initiation Service Provider (PISP). It can help merchants boost conversions by ensuring they reach more customers across Europe.

*Skrill is an international online payments business making digital payments simple, secure and quick in nearly 185 countries and 40 currencies. Skrill meets the needs of more than 156,000 businesses worldwide. 

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