ePages and Sage offer fully synchronised accounting for UK online stores

by Richard Stevenson, 23.08.16

ePages has just signed a global deal with Sage, the market leader in cloud accounting software, to offer fully sychronised online orders and accounting processes for ePages merchants.  As a first phase, UK online shop owners can now benefit from greater digitalisation and efficiency by using ePages and Sage One software combined for their retail business.

Sage One offers cloud-driven accounting and payroll software with best-in-class benefits such as remote access from any device, up to date compliance with regulations, collaboration with an accountant and great ease of use.  ePages merchants now can synchronise their online orders with their Sage One account via a connector, activated and managed from within the ‘Accounting’ section of their shop administration area.  Every order from an ePages online shop will be updated in Sage One, and made available in the accounts within Sage One.

Sage One will now be offered to ePages’ thousands of UK merchants, as well as Sage promoting ePages to their client base as an e-commerce partner.  Both Sage One and ePages use cloud-driven technology to guarantee high performance, automatic updates, affordability and scalability. The collaboration is a useful development in helping SMBs to enhance efficiencies and compliance in their back-office processes.

ePages CEO Wilfried Beeck said, “It is great news that our merchants can now benefit from powerful, fully automated accounting for their online sales with such ease.  The combination of best in breed e-commerce and accounting resources working in unison means businesses can improve their accuracy, reliability and speed.  This is a clear example of how the right cloud technologies will deliver a competitive edge”.

The ePages platform is constantly evolving with innovations across product display, search, payments and shipping, online marketing and communications.

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was Head of Global PR for ePages. For 14 years, Richard has participated in the web technology industry, working with small companies and the media all around the world to help drive awareness of online techniques for marketing, communication and sales activities.

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