How a local business successfully takes off with its online shop after 25 years

Together with his wife, Siegfried Nicklaus has been selling Mediterranean delicatessen and gift articles in the German store “Fass’l von Passau” (the barrel of Passau) since 1995. The shop in the heart of Passau invites customers to taste test with all senses. Not only vinegars and oils, but also a selection of high-quality liquor is offered at the Fass’l: Whisky, brandies, liqueurs, wines and more.

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Zettle by PayPal: How to easily connect your online and offline business

Have you already thought about offering your products and services offline? There are many ways to expand your local business to get in personal contact with customers and offer a live shopping experience. Through services such as events or advice sessions, you benefit not only from direct feedback, but also from an opportunity to sell your products on the spot. In support of doing business through local presence, a point-of-sale (POS) solution is needed to accept payments offline and without manual effort. Zettle by PayPal offers many ways to sell goods and accept offline payments and synchronise stock with your online business. In this article, we will explain how our Zettle integration can save you time optimising offline and online sales.

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