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Amazon Pay is a secure and convenient payment method that helps you as an online merchant to make payment in your shop as easy as possible. At the moment, ePages merchants can benefit from savings for the rest of the year.
Are you already offering Amazon Payments to the visitors of your online shop? Take advantage of a great promotional campaign by Amazon Payments to save service fees* from October until the end of this year.
The convenient and secure payment method, Amazon Payments, is now available for ePages powered online shops. It is an ideal measure to win repeat customers from the popular marketplace.
You are selling products not only in your online shop, but also on Amazon Marketplace? An important change is taking place at Amazon concerning the length of product names.
When you are selling online, there’s a huge variety of channels to promote your business. There’s not only your online shop but also many other channels, such as marketplaces. In this article, we explain the benefits of selling though marketplaces and product portals as well as the possibilities of this from your ePages shop.
Amazon has created a commotion with their plans to let drones deliver goods. Unmanned aerial vehicles are only one of many innovations to improve online businesses’ logistics. Our project, Next in commerce, shows the most exciting trends in the Future of Logistics.