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With around 1 billion monthly active users, Instagram offers online merchants a great opportunity to leverage the platform for marketing purposes. One of the biggest benefits of this social network is that you can get great results with little effort and without investing any money.
An infographic by Ereviews reveals how e-commerce driven millennials really are.
The 25th anniversary of ePages this year was not only an occasion to celebrate but also to look back. Since 1987 inventions like the WWW or smartphones arose and boosted eCommerce dramatically. We’ve collected some interesting facts and visualized the most important innovations of every 5-year-period since 1987 in the form of an infographic.
Here's a great infographic using the latest statistics on the UK Online Retail economy and how it stands  next to the rest of eCommerce Europe. Want some more information easy on the eye? Leave feedback on what you'd like to know, from eCommerce to making the most out of your ePages' great features.