12 Tips For Corporate Blogs

by , 27.11.08

In the "Social Media Optimisation I - Corporate Blogs" entry, we have already done the heavy lifting for the utilisation of corporate blogs. A survey by the German Online-Marketing Blog found that corporate blogs are often not regarded as authentic or believable. From the reasons listed for this, we can derive 12 suggestions for making company blogs more successful.

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Running Promotional Campaigns with ePages

by , 21.11.08

Price discounts on certain products, on all products for certain customer groups, on the entire shopping basket for all customers, for the purchase of two items instead of one, on products that exceed a certain shopping basket value – with ePages, your options for creating shopping attractions through discounts are more than versatile. We’ll tell you how to support them.

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5 x Shop: Inspiration for Your Online Shop

by , 13.11.08

Sometimes the inspiration that makes an idea a reality is hard to find. If you are currently playing with the idea of giving your shop a slight makeover or are wrestling with its design, then let the online shops below be a source of inspiration and a feast for your eyes. From now on, we'd like to reawaken your creativity and inspire with 5 regularly occurring, beautiful examples of online shops all based on ePages.

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Too Old for Online Shopping

by , 31.10.08

An article on emarketer.com shows that Internet usage by people over 62 is increasing dramatically and that especially online shopping is becoming more and more popular for them. So far, however, e-commerce has been staying away from the age bracket.

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Create Images for Your Shop and Website

by Anja Römisch, 25.06.08

"A picture is worth a thousand words.” Has anyone not encountered this saying? But what does it mean for you? If you want to offer products or services, then you must not underestimate the importance of product descriptions – and that goes double for the visual presentation of your products and services. Appealing and persuasive images are an absolute must. This is how it works with ePages…



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More Newsletter Subscribers

by Mario Rieß, 23.06.08

Bring it to your customers’ attention that they can subscribe to your newsletter. After all, regularly addressing them via e-mail is undoubtedly one of your most effective marketing tools.

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Trust in e-Commerce: Testimonials

by Anja Römisch, 17.06.08

The appeal of a brand or product is based in large part on its prestige, distinctiveness and dependability. In this third installment of the “Trust in e-Commerce” series, we want to boost the trust your clients place in you and help you enhance the distinctiveness and appeal of your products and services. Testimonials or loosely translated customer recommendations are simple ways of achieving a great deal.

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Better Product Images = Fewer Customer Complaints

by Anja Römisch, 13.06.08

Most complaints about products purchased online are due to the fact that a product’s on-screen portrayal does not conform to reality: colours look different, materials feel different, sizes do not fit. Product descriptions with measurements are not enough to point a shop visitor’s imagination in the right direction. A lot of different zoomable images and product videos offer clear advantages.

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Social Media Optimisation: Social Bookmarks

by Anja Römisch, 09.06.08

Sharing knowledge, rating knowledge, making knowledge available yourself – this is the social Internet. Your online shop's offering is also knowledge which needs to get into the heads of your customers. In our last article on social media optimisation, we already called your attention to corporate weblogs. In this article, we'll examine social bookmarks.

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Distribution of Newsletters

by Anja Römisch, 06.06.08

Newsletters are an excellent opportunity to notify your customers about new developments, create incentives and to make clear: “There is always something happening here”! Inform recipients of new products and services; send coupon codes; announce special offers – there are lots of reasons to utilize your newsletter as your shop’s or your website's mouthpiece.

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