5 x Shop: Inspiration for Your Online Shop IV

by Anja Römisch, 22.04.09

Opposites attract. Design meets electronics this time in 5 x Shop. Can you recognise which ePages shop sells what at first glance? We conclude: Design loves it simple and elegant, electronics demonstrative and colourful. But form your own opinion.




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Running Your Own Forum with ePages

by Anja Römisch, 17.04.09

Many companies dread forums as they might turn into platforms for complainers and disappointed customers. Quite to the contrary, a forum offers so much more: Companies are recognised much more by having an open and communicative stance and thus invest in customer retention at the same time. Since the content of a forum is constantly being updated, this will also affect Google in a positive way. With the shop software from ePages, you can now create your own forum for your online shop or your business website in just a few minutes*.

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Dynamic versus Static URLs with Google

by Anja Römisch, 31.03.09

Google revises a long-going myth: Against all general assumptions, dynamic URLs can now be easily crawled by Google. The search engine giant only recommends adapting the look of dynamic URLS to static URLs when there is enough time and knowledge available to remove the correct parameters. With the shop software from ePages, shop operators are thus on the right side. Read more details in the following.


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5 x Shop: Inspiration for Your Online Shop III

by Anja Römisch, 30.03.09

Don't let March's cold and grey days get you down. Let the sun shine in and enjoy these five beautiful ePages shop examples we would like to present to you this time. Details that we especially liked: Clickable logo-flash, customer bread photos, action videos and spreadshirt shop integration. Read for yourself.




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Better than SEO: More Turnover with Google AdWords

by Anja Römisch, 26.03.09

In 2009, many more shop operators are attending to the marketing of their offering using Google AdWords. The activation of Google AdWords is a form of keyword optimisation that, in contrast to search engine optimisation, isn't free but facilitates significantly higher click rates and targeted traffic. Read about the basics of activating AdWords and how its effect can be measured on the shopping basket.


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Checklist for the Set-up of an Online Shop

by Anja Römisch, 24.02.09

So many functions - where should I start? Maybe you've asked yourself this question the first time you entered your ePages online shop administration. Besides working on the design and creating the products, you should pay particular attention to the following*...



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Selling Products Using Google Base

by , 19.02.09

Online merchants can position all their products at Google Base for free. An interface to Google Base in the ePages shop software facilitates a one-time exporting of products and updating them at regular intervals. In the next entry, you can read about how to publish your products at Google Base.*

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5 x Shop: Inspiration for Your Online Shop II

by Anja Römisch, 03.02.09

There are many reasons for a shop being able to become successful. The essential reasons from our point of view are: demand-driven product range with clear profile, informative product descriptions, simple navigation structure, good shop design, search engine optimisation, good customer service, nearness and trustworthiness, popular payment procedure and market presence. In the following, we present another five online shops based on ePages that are on the right track. We hope you'll be inspired by them. 


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Writing for The Web: 10 Rules

by , 14.01.09

In contrast to printed text, websites are not read, they are "scanned" because reading on a monitor is tiring and the huge offering of similar sites leads to impatience. For this reason, websites and online shops need to supply content that can be quickly understood. We have put together a list of 10 golden rules you should follow.

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More Structure in The Product Range: It's Easy with ePages

by Anja Römisch, 07.01.09

76 different items of clothing in up to 7 colours, designs and sizes. With zippers, buttons or ties. In cotton, acrylic or corduroy. A dizzying prospect when you consider that shop visitors should ideally be only two clicks away from their desired product. We'll show you how to best structure your offer in the ePages online shop.




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