ePages shop owner community – first screenshots and betatest

by Volker Schwarz, 24.09.10

The best exchange of information is still best provided by those who share similar experiences. For this reason we are working flat out on the ePages shop owner community, a place for online merchants with and without the ePages shoping cart. Find out in the ePages blog how to participate in the upcoming closed beta and give us your feedback on the appearance and features to help us shape the community to your needs.

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100 Days to Christmas

by Volker Schwarz, 15.09.10

Christmas is coming early this year. Only 100 days left until the celebration of Jesus’ birth and to bright shining children eyes. For all ePages merchants out there this means that they should get ready to be prepared for the most successful business period of the year. For that the ePages blog will feature a series of posts all around the Christmas business and the right preparations. Stay tuned for more.

ePages YOU

by Volker Schwarz, 07.09.10

In recent days, it was a bit quiet here in the ePages blog. The reason: Once again it was time for the annual ePages YOU. Most of the ePages employees from the development, marketing, product management and all the other departments came together for three days to discuss the further development of the platform in a number of workshops. A small summary of the event.

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Free shipping using exemption limits – Increasing the value of shopping baskets

by Volker Schwarz, 06.09.10

Customers like to save money on shipping costs and are often prepared to purchase additional items to qualify for free shipping. But it is important that they are well informed about when those costs for shipping no longer apply. To do this, use the delivery method "Exemption limit" which is available to you in your ePages shop as of version 6.08.


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Docdata Payments – new cartridge for over 40 payment methods

by Volker Schwarz, 27.08.10

ePages is pleased to expand our software with the new Docdata cartridge starting with release of ePages 6.09.4 Docdata Payments can offer a wide variety of over 40 payment methods such as credit cards, debit cards, direct debits, eBanking, local bank transfers, invoices, eWallets etc. Besides that Docdata Payments will expand the number of payment methods on a regular basis.

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Creating newsletter campaigns with ePages

by Volker Schwarz, 23.08.10

The ePages shop system provides you with a comprehensive newsletter tool that you can use to keep your customers up to date about your newest products, special sales and more. After you've considered the general framework of your newsletter, as described in the previous article, it's now time to create the newsletter campaign for your shop.

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Newsletter – the perfect subject line

by Volker Schwarz, 20.08.10

Newsletters have an opening rate of up to 40 percent. That makes them a cornerstone of every marketing mix. But before you send out your first newsletter, it's worth taking the time to consider the subject line and the sender e-mail address. Because with just a little optimisation, you can increase your opening rate even more.

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E-Commerce-Literature: recommended by ePages IV

by Volker Schwarz, 20.08.10

5 Must Watch B2B Videos, 25 brilliant examples of Facebook brand pages and an insight view how women use the web - in order to always be up to date in the rapidly changing E-Commerce-Business we do look in to interesting articles and blog postings on a daily basis. Find the most interesting ones we came across in our series “E-Commerce-Literature: recommended by ePages.” Have fun exploring.

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Planning newsletter campaigns

by Volker Schwarz, 18.08.10

Newsletters are an essential part of customer communication. They are simple to create and cost-effective to deliver. They allow you to let existing customers and interested parties know about the latest news, offers and changes in and around your shop. But in order for newsletter campaigns to also be successful, merchants should be sure to do the necessary planning up front. The ePages blog will show you what to keep in mind.

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Cross-Sell to Increase Revenues

by Volker Schwarz, 16.08.10

If a potential customer is in the mood to buy, then your biggest challenge as a shop operator has already been eliminated. Because the customer trusts you and your shop, they are already digging into their pockets. Now is the time to draw their attention to accessories and supplementary products so that they purchase additional items. Rely on the cross-selling function of your ePages online shop to boost the average value of orders. Continue reading the ePages blog to learn how you can perfectly plan cross-selling and where you need to specify the required settings in your back office.

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