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New VAT regulations for digital products and services will apply throughout the EU from 1 January 2015. After introducing you to the law change in the previous article , we will now show you how to apply the changes to your shop with ePages 6.16 and previous versions. Instructions for ePages 6.17 can be found here.
From 2015, a new regulation will apply to online retailers who sell downloadable products and services in other EU countries. Retailers must pay the VAT due in the EU country in which the buyer is located.
It is now possible to create, so called anchors, on pages of your shop with which you can create a table of contents. If someone clicks on one of the headlines in the table of contents, they jump to the paragraph in question. For instance, you can use this on your page on withdrawal making it easier for customers to find the information which is relevant to them.
The new consumer rights directive contains many legal implications. In some cases the customer should confirm during the order process that they know that the right of withdrawal disappears in some cases. Thanks to a new feature, this is now possible in your shop.
To keep in line with the new consumer rights directive coming into effect on June 13th, we have added a new feature to your shop. You are now able to attach the information on withdrawal to various e-mails which your customers receive automatically from your shop.
The new Consumer Rights Directive (CRD) comes into force on 13th June 2014. Find out in our article what it all means and what you should bear in mind.
  There are many things you will need to keep in mind before setting up an online business. Apart from all the technical and business side issues, it is essential to pay attention to the legal requirements. There are several laws that apply to online retailers. In this article we just want to give you two examples of legal requirements that you need to fulfil.
Merchants now have to adapt their business to the Single European Payment Area (SEPA). ePages will update your shop software before the 1st February 2014. Read here on what will change in your shop. We also inform you on how to obtain the new creditor identifier you now need.
Get prepared for the Single European Payment Area (SEPA): Your business must be adapted now. ePages will help you to deal with the new requirements by updating your shop software before the 1st of February. This blog post informs about a special identifier you have to give to every customer when they pay with Direct debit: the mandate reference.

In May 2011, a new EU ‘cookie’ law designed to protect consumer privacy came into effect. A year later, the deadline is coming up for UK businesses to comply with the regulations. There’s a lot of speculation in the media about what the new law will mean for businesses which currently use cookies – so to put your mind at ease, we want to explain how it affects merchants using ePages' eCommerce software.