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In this article you'll learn how the design of your shop has a role to play in the sales success. The success of your shop depends on many factors. In addition to attractive products, effective marketing and good customer service, the design of your shop is equally crucial. The following establishes relevant aspects to achieve this.
The visual appearance of your eShop has a fundamental role to play in terms of your success. We'll let you into a few secrets of shop design.
Your ePages online shop will soon have many new features ready for you to use. Here is an overview of the most important improvements in our ePages Version 6.16.
Your shop’s design plays a vital role for your success. In a new series, we reveal what makes a good visual appearance. The first part is about the basic layout of your website: Where is the right place for the most important elements? We also present our design services for merchants who prefer to rely on professional web designers.
Before definitively going live with your online store, you should do a test to see if everything works properly. In this video tutorial we will show you how.
The easiest way to gain consumer confidence in your online store is to have an attractive website design. This tutorial will show you how to change the e of your website with the new ePages version, 6.14.
The third video in our series will show you how the back office home page works in the new online shop software, ePages 6.14.
New Templates are just finished, but do you think something else is missing? May be a brand new Administration redisign? There you go!
I love the new basic templates, took me just 5 minutes to install this one! 6.13.2 is packed with 10 brand new templates