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Do you want to put your products in the spotlight? Then avoid common mistakes. Remove The Background gives you five tips that will help you to create high quality photos. It's worth it: Great pictures convince the customers of your online shop.
Only amateurs make bad pictures. You can do better – with these tips from Remove The Background. If you are doing the product photos for your online shop by yourself, you have the chance to get high-quality images. In this article, you will find the first five tips – five more will follow soon.
Do you need to put a lot of information on your product detail pages? Does this make them confusing and just too long? You can now organize everything by displaying the product information in tabs, making it clearer and easier to decipher. 
In the tenth and final video tutorial we will demonstrate the different options that the ePages eStore software gives you when managing your orders.
In this video tutorial we will show you how the product layout area works.
With just a few clicks, you will be able to save your preferences in the product detail page of the back office. Here we will show you how this works.