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by Kristof Maletzke, 29.06.20

With the app, merchants selling online with ePages Now can easily confirm the identity of customers – for example, for age verification purposes, or when additional proof of identity may be required.

Identity verification may be necessary for merchants if they require proof of age from their customers, or if an upfront confirmation of the identity is required when selling highly expensive or handmade products.

A simple solution in these cases is to ask the customer for scans or photos of identification documents. However, ID cards can be forged, and scanned documents can be easily modified with image editing software such as Photoshop. So, when you as an online retailer request photos or scans of such documents from customers, there is always a certain risk.

This is where the app becomes helpful. It is specially designed to verify the authenticity of such documents.

How does the app work?

  • You select which customer you want to verify.
  • You specify the documents to be used for verification.
  • The app then creates an individual link to the validation page, which the customer then receives by e-mail or chat, for example. This page can be opened directly in the browser and is also displayed perfectly on mobile devices.
  • The customer records himself and the requested documents with his webcam or mobile phone camera.
  • You receive an email notification as soon as the customer is done with this.
  • As a last step you carry out the verification. supports you with clever features such as a timeline in which you can view multiple shots of the customer, making it easier to identify manipulated images or documents.

There is no big effort for the customer. The process usually takes only about 20 seconds. Customers do not need to download or even install anything on their computer.

Ease of use is at the center of the user experience with Through regular surveys of users whose identity has been confirmed by the app, the software behind it is constantly being optimised. This further reduces effort and stress for customers.

A positive side effect: many fraudsters are deterred by the app and do not even start the verification process.

ID documents contain sensitive information and should never fall into the wrong hands. That is why places great emphasis on data protection. The data required for validation is automatically deleted by the app after a certain time and employees are not able to view the documents. The app is also GDPR compliant.

Please note that the availability of apps depends on your provider and the software version used.

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