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by Kristof Maletzke, 13.02.19

Showing your products in an appealing way is one of the main factors for selling successfully. In most cases your shop’s visitors would like to have a look at the product before they end up buying it. The simplest solution for this is to add several high-quality product images to your shop. If you would like to unleash the full potential of showcasing products, you should consider using product videos as well. In this article we show you why product videos are effective and how you can utilise this strategy to increase your revenue.

Over 1.9 billion logged-in users visit YouTube each month. Figures like this show the importance of online video and also how natural it has become for us to watch videos on the web. For that reason, it also makes sense for online merchants to tap into the wide field of video marketing in order to sell their products. The good news is: Modern smartphones and free video editing tools have become powerful enough to make it possible to create videos without spending any money. Mac owners can use the free iMovie app by Apple to edit their videos. For Windows there are also plenty of free video programs available such as Openshot.

Your ePages shop helps you to provide your videos in an appealing way. You not only can add videos to your home page or other content pages, but also to the image gallery on product pages. That way your customers can have a look at product pictures as well as viewing a video.

Why you should use videos

  • Increased conversion rate: Various studies have confirmed that customers are more likely to buy products if they can watch a video about them. According to numbers published by Forbes magazine, 90% of customers report that product videos help them make purchasing decisions while 64% of customers are more likely to buy a product online after watching a video about it.
  • Show what’s great about your product: The video format gives you the possibility to show the best features of a product and to explain convincingly why the customer should purchase it.
  • Differentiate yourself from the competition: The videos reaffirm your brand identity and highlight your strengths. Showing videos on product pages in an online shop is to this date still the exception. By presenting your products in that way you can get a competitive advantage over other online shops in your field.
  • Showing your expertise: Many ePages shop owners are true experts when it comes to the products they are selling. You might be able to buy accessories for baking Macarons at Amazon, but truly dedicated shop owners such as Aurélie Bastian are sharing their profound knowledge with you to make your pastries a success.
  • Less returns: If customers get a better look at the products they are buying, it might be less likely that they are disappointed when they get them and send them back.
  • People just love videos: Compared to reading lengthy product descriptions watching a video is much more fun and engaging.

Product videos in ecommerce

Types of videos for your products

Producing videos offers you a lot of ways in which you can present your products. Which types of video make sense in your particular case entirely depends on the products.

Unboxing videos

In unboxing videos, you take a (preferably sealed) product in its box and slowly unpack it. What may sound like a niche trend is actually one of the biggest phenomena on YouTube. By creating such a video you can show the hard facts about your products as well as the accessories that come with it – and you can make the viewers crave to buy the product and unpack it themselves.

Suitable products: Everything that comes in a box (of course!), technical products, products that come with relevant accessories, products with interesting details

Example video:

Catwalk videos

A catwalk video is a usually a very short video in which a model is wearing or presenting a product as if he or she would be on a catwalk. This gives you the possibility to show the product from all sides and giving visual information that cannot be conveyed via photos. A company that uses this kind of videos extensively is Asos.

Suitable products: Apparel, shoes, bags and similar products

Example video:

Advertising videos

These kinds of videos are more polished and often incur higher production costs. They tend to show products in a glossy, appealing way and in many cases tell a story. The downside of this kind of videos is that they are not easy to produce without a bigger effort.

Suitable products: Any

Example video:

Explanation / tutorial videos

Here you can explain your product in detail, as well as the functions that come with it. Viewers can see the first steps that they will do when they purchase the product and can get to know its possibilities.

Suitable products: Complex products in need of explanation, products with various functions

Example video:

Customer/testimonial videos

Using videos starring your customers is a clever trick. This way your potential buyers can not only see why they should buy the product, but also get the proof that you are trustworthy as a merchant and that the product is satisfying to customers. Customer videos can be unboxings, reviews, tutorials or any other kind of video. They can either be produced by the customers themselves (which adds a nice touch of authenticity!) or by you, for instance when you are visiting a customer.

Suitable products: Any

Example video:

Why you should post your product videos on YouTube

Posting your product videos on YouTube and not on other hosting platforms for videos has several advantages.

  • YouTube is the number one place for posting videos on the web and its name is synonymous for online video.
  • YouTube videos are often displayed favourably in the search engine result pages of Google & Co. Ideally, when someone googles a product they can see your video in the results.
  • According to statistics, YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the world. Many Internet users start their journey through the web from there.
  • Customers get inspired by YouTube videos to buy products they didn’t even know about before.
  • YouTube gives you the opportunity to take care of various settings for videos. For instance you can set a video to “unlisted”. This means that you can link to the video or embed it in the product pages of your shop, but it is not visible to the visitors of your YouTube channel.
  • Storing videos on YouTube is completely free of charge.

Videos in your ePages Shop

Before adding the video in your shop’s administration area you should make sure that it is available on YouTube. If that is not the case, you can upload it first. If you do not want the video to be found on YouTube itself, you can set it there to “unlisted”.

To then add the video to a product page, edit the product in the administration area of your shop by selecting in the main menu Products and then View products. Select the product number of the product. Now you can simply enter the video link under YouTube video – for instance Save the changes.

You can also embed videos on other pages of your shop by selecting in the administration area in the main menu Content. Then choose the page you would like to edit on the left side under Pages and drag the content element YouTube video to the page. Then select Add video and enter the URL of a YouTube video. Select Save – done!

What else you should know about the product videos in your shop:

  • Your shop is preconfigured to prevent Youtube from showing video recommendations at the end of the product videos.
  • The logo of your YouTube channel and the video’s name are displayed within the video player in your shop. So, you should give the video a meaningful name and should also consider uploading your shop’s logo as the logo of your YouTube channel.
  • Advertisements are only shown in a video if this has been activated in your YouTube account.

Best practices for product videos

  • When presenting products, always put yourself in the shoes of your customer: What is interesting about this product? Why is it so great that someone should buy it? Also try to anticipate possible questions your customers might have.
  • Of course, your videos shouldn’t look cheap! With modern smartphones it is possible nonetheless to shoot good-looking videos. So, in most cases you don’t need a special camera anymore.
  • One of the most important aspects is lighting. Shooting outside might be an option, depending on the product. Think about investing some money into lighting equipment.
  • Reuse your videos on several channels. For instance, you can post them not only on YouTube and publish them in your shop, but also on Facebook or as an Instagram story.
  • Keep it short! In most cases customers don’t want to view lengthy product videos. Unboxing and review videos, however, are an exception to this.
  • You can choose to shoot videos without sound, especially if they are very short. However, background music can be helpful for the atmosphere of the video. YouTube offers a huge database of music that is free to use.
  • If you want to use videos by the manufacturers of your product, make sure that it is permitted to use them in your shop.
  • Shaky videos can be frustrating and give an unprofessional impression. Tripods are available on a budget and can greatly improve the quality of your videos.
  • Would you like to show off that you produced the video yourself? It might be tempting to add your logo in the video. If you choose to do so, you should only do it in an unobtrusive way.

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