Merchant story: How Mava Lóu is selling salsa and tango fashion online

by Kristof Maletzke, 13.07.17

In our article series “Merchant stories” we showcase ePages merchants and their shops. For this article we interviewed Christiane Bär who is selling salsa and tango fashion internationally via her ePages shop.

Inspired by her friends’ passion for dance, Christiane Bär came up with her business idea – her own fashion label Mava Lóu. Today, she offers a broad selection of fashions for salsa and tango fans. Customers can purchase pieces from her collection at her fashion store based in Berlin Kreuzberg or from anywhere via her online shop.

How coincidence can deliver a business idea

With her fashion designs, Christiane always wants to address a specific target group. After helping and establish a maternity wear label for several years, she felt it was time for a new design challenge. Coincidence helped her to generate a great business idea: friends of hers were passionate about tango and this is how she got connected with the world of dance. Her attention was instantly drawn to their outfits – ranging from casual wear to formal dance attire, she knew there was great scope for creativity.

A satisfying career

Christiane is convinced that passion is essential for her work as a designer. She loves her job and each time she sees someone wearing pieces from her collection, it makes her happy. For her it is motivation to work together with her team, and she loves to generate new ideas.

It was also essential for her to keep her independence. It was important to her to be able to manage all orders as well as to keep her shop up-to-date herself. Right from the start, it was her goal to sell internationally, meaning she also needed an English version of her shop. With ePages, she found a shop solution which offers both – powerful international ecommerce that is plug ’n’ play. Very soon demand became so strong that Christiane relies on the support of an enlarged team.

The daily business as an online merchant

“I feel that I am in good hands with ePages and I am very happy with my shop,” says Christiane. What she especially likes about her online shop is that the software is self-explanatory. For example, it is clear to see if a page can easily be found online or if her product descriptions are optimised enough. In case she has any questions, the ePages support team helps her to get it resolved quickly.

Christiane has also participated in the ePages academy several times, which offers live interactive workshops on various ecommerce topics. It was great for her to exchange ideas with other merchants. All in all, her online shop plays a major role in the success of her fashion label, as it contributes a large proportion of her revenue.

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