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by Kristof Maletzke, 23.04.17

Starting with ePages version 7.4.0 / 6.17.58, a new page type called “Shipping and payment conditions” is available for your shop. We recommend using this page for providing information on shipping and payment.

Your shop already contains standard subpages on legal aspects such as the right of withdrawal and the general terms and conditions. These pages are necessary for presenting a shop that is legally compliant. Legal pages should be visible and easy to for your customers to find. Many merchants display them in the main menu of the shop, and most often in the footer of each page.

The new “Shipping and payment conditions” page makes it even easier for you to conform with legal requirements related to the methods of payments and shipping you propose to your customers. All legally necessary information on shipping and payment should be featured there. This includes, among other things, details on delivery restrictions and the payment methods accepted in your shop. Support for legal questions can be found at resources such as Trusted Shops. The page is automatically linked to from the footer of your shop – both in the traditional shop view and in the mobile version.

How to edit the page for payment and delivery information

Visit the “Help” page in your shop’s administration area to find out if you are using our product generation ePages Base or ePages Now. Then you can follow the steps below.

Instructions for ePages Base

1. In your shop’s administration area, select Content / Categories and then New.

2. Select the Type “Shipping and payment conditions”. Leave the Visible option on No, so you can edit the page first before your shop’s visitors can see it.

3. Select Insert.

4. Check on the left-hand side whether the page was inserted in the correct place in the structure. If not, use the Move page buttons in the multifunction bar to move the page to the correct place.

5. In the preview section, click on the text field below the headline and enter the content that you want to be displayed on this page.

6. Click Visibility on the multifunction bar, select the Visibility option to Yes and click Apply.

7. Save the changes.

Instructions for ePages Now

1. In your shop’s administration area, select Content.

2. Select under Legal pages the page “Dispatch and delivery”.

3. Change the text of the page directly in the preview.

Note: While this article contains initial information, it makes no claim to completeness or accuracy. It may not under any circumstances replace legal advice in individual cases.

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