Stripe: Payment via credit card simpler than ever

by Kristof Maletzke, 29.03.17

The payment provider Stripe simplifies payment – for you as a merchant as well as for your customers. In this article, we explain you everything you should know about Stripe.

Every online merchant should offer his customers a good variety of payment methods. Otherwise, this could happen: a customer wants to place an order but realises during the shopping process that the shop does not offer his favourite payment method – and leaves without buying. To prevent this, ePages offers you various preinstalled payment methods for your shop. One of the latest arrivals is Stripe. This payment provider enables you to accept credit card payments almost immediately. Stripe supports the big credit card players such as Visa, MasterCard and American Express, but also smaller ones.

Stripe’s history started in the USA: The Irish brothers John und Patrick Collison founded the company there in the year 2011 in order to provide online businesses and their customers an ideal payment solution. Now, Stripe is one of the biggest payment providers worldwide and handles payments with a value of billions of dollars every year. Among the most prominent users of Stripe are companies like Twitter, Salesforce or Kickstarter. Also, many small businesses trust in Stripe to take care of their payments.

Setting up Stripe is done in no time – in most cases it does not take longer than 10 minutes. After that, you are able to receive the first payments. During the set up you can determine, which credit cards should be available to your customers as payment options.

Unlike many other payment providers, you do not have to pay a setup fee to use Stripe, and there are no monthly costs involved. That means you only have to pay a small fee for every order processed via Stripe. Thus, this payment provider enables merchants to scale easily, and also shop owners with a low amount of orders do not need to be afraid of high costs.

For your customers, paying via Stripe is a quick and intuitive experience. They do not leave your shop during the check out, and while paying via Stripe the order process is one step shorter than usual.

You can try Stripe right now and activate this payment method in your shop’s administration area under Settings >> Payment.

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