Create videos for your shop with the Videolean app

by Kristof Maletzke, 29.03.17

The Videolean app for your ePages shop makes it easy to create beautiful videos for your shop.

Video is still on the rise. Users upload 300 hours of footage per minute on YouTube alone. For online merchants, video offers many different use cases:

  • Merchants can introduce their shop in a video
  • They can showcase their products
  • They can give background information on the topic of their shop
  • They can explain the history of their business

Besides adding these videos to their shop, merchants can also present them on their YouTube channel or post them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in order to engage with their customers and to acquire new ones.

However, video is still unexplored territory for many online merchants. One of the biggest reasons for this might be the complexity of the topic: Writing a text is simple and can be done with any computer. But when you try to create a video, there are many open questions if you have never done this before. For example:

  • What kind of software do I need?
  • How do I use the video software?
  • What do I need to do to give my video a professional look?
  • Where can I get royalty free music?
  • Which video format is needed?

All of these questions may be intimidating to merchants who never created a video before.

The app Videolean wants to change this. Videolean lets you create simple videos in your browser in just a few minutes – and there is no prior knowledge required from your side. So far, more than 200.000 users already trust in Videolean and created videos with this app.

This is how the app works: after logging in at the Videolean site, you can create your project. Choose one of 80 professional templates for your video. Then you can add images, texts and edit the order of the content. All images can be edited directly in the browser, so you do not need an additional picture editing application like Photoshop. Of course, it is not an option to produce a silent video without sound. That is why Videolean offers you a variety of music tracks that you can use in your video without any additional costs. You can also upload your own pieces of music, or add a voice over track to your video.

Before you generate the final version you can preview the video as often as you like. There is a watermark shown in the video that will be removed when you have paid for using the video. Pricing starts at 5$ per video. The final video can then be uploaded to YouTube or downloaded to your desktop. You can always revisit older videos and edit them.

Here is an example of a short explanation video that was created with Videolean:

To summarize it: Videolean gives you the possibility to create beautiful videos for your shop in no time – for a low price and without the need to learn how to use video editing software.

To use the app for your shop, visit the ePages App Store in your shop’s administration area. The app needs to be available in the package you chose at your provider.

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