Changes to the PayPal integration: Switch now to PayPal Express

by Kristof Maletzke, 28.03.17

ePages merchants who are still using the payment method PayPal Standard should switch to PayPal Express now.

PayPal is a very popular payment provider. With ePages, it is very easy to enable your customers to pay via this provider. In most shop types, PayPal is already preinstalled and can be activated with a few steps. There are different variations of PayPal available. The classic variation is PayPal Express, PayPal Standard is an older variation. In the future, there will be changes to PayPal Standard that are not supported by ePages. For that reason, merchants who are still using PayPal Standard have to switch to PayPal Express.

Find out if you have to switch

1. In the main menu of your shop’s administration area, select Settings and then Payment.

2. In the table you can see all payment methods that are currently activated in your shop. Search for the payment method with “PayPal” in the Provider field. If “PayPal” or “PayPal Express” is displayed under Payment method for this, you are already using PayPal Express. If the Payment method is something else, you have to switch.

How to switch from PayPal Standard to PayPal Express

You can find instructions on how to change here.

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